God Is In The Search

God is in the search.

He is searching for people whose hearts and minds are set in building the kingdom of God in this world. He is calling out from every tribe, people and tongue a generation to proclaim the blessings of God and live their lives selflessly and whose visions is to ignite this generation to run the race and fulfill the destiny.

In history, God called young people to fulfill God’s purpose in his time;

1. He called out Joshua to lead the people to conquer the promise land.

2. He called David out to become the victor of Israel and later on the well known King of Israel.

3. He called out Daniel from captivity to become the wise adviser of the King of Persia and the next 2 kings after.

4. He called out Samuel when he was just a child to speak in His behalf to the rebellious people of Israel.

5. He called out Stephen in the book of Acts to testify that Jesus, whom the people crucified, was truly the Son of God!

Being young and inexperienced, our mindset has been set to think that we can never do what the older generation did. We are set to think by the enemy that we can do little in God’s kingdom.

God who is a God of equal opportunity.

We are as important and effective as the older generation. We are to run with them, fulfill the great commission with them and stand with them for truth. It is with the same blood that we are purchased and saved, the same Holy Spirit that fills and direct us as we carry the burden of reaching the lost.

We have the same gifts of the spirit and the same character of Christ in us. We are qualified to do what God has set in our hearts to do. As Paul’s instruction to Timothy was to “not look down on himself because he is young…” rings true even today.

I believe that we are part of the fulfillment of that promise, part of the people who is set apart and part of this prophetic generation He is raising up in this last days. 

God wants your heart and mind to this task, He wants you and your heart only.

God has set you where you are for a purpose.

He has set you in that particular place to become a firebrand.

He will fulfill that purpose in you.

He will take you out to the nations of the world to become a testimony of his goodness.

He will breakforth in your life blessing, destiny and call to become a strategic generation.

As the Apostle John has heard, “ Those who have ears to listen, should hear what God is saying to the church today…”


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