The Most Needed Update

It’s been a good start of the year and I’m loving every minute of it. In just a span of 1 month, I’ve been to three places and experienced a lot of new things. So, here’s to a “better late than never” post about it.

A week after new year, I had the chance to travel to Manila and then to Palawan for some getaway. I was out for a week in the office and it was a needed vacation for me I guess.


First off, I traveled to Manila and stayed there for a day. My cousin and I had a business date and settled in their loving couch for more than 3 hours to finalize a business presentation for Rova Tours.

Just a quick background, Rova Tours is a start-up travel agency business of my tito and tita (Roy and Nova Silva). I joined the team 2nd half of last year. I slowly transitioned to a consultancy role and for just this month, took over as head of the business.

So, if you are looking for a good place to go for a quick rest, please visit us at or our Facebook page at Rova Tours and inquire about so many stuff that we offer. And this view below is just one of so many!


El Nido Beach Front, El Nido, Palawan

So, if you are looking for someone to book you somewhere, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll post more pics of my travel on my next blog post. 😉




Christ Is Our Light

Spending my quiet time to understand darkness and light. Here are a few thoughts:

1.) A small light can illuminate the darkest place on earth. It symbolizes hope in our desperation, a glimmer of hope makes us jump in enthusiasm that something BETTER IS IN STORE.

2.) Light can overcome the darkness but not the other way around. Christ is symbolized as the light of the world. And because He is the light, darkness will submit to his power and authority.

3.) The break of dawn symbolizes a new day to ponder, to fight for, to live and enjoy. Hope is renewed, it rejuvenates and it allows us to give our best for the day once again.

Mark today as a new day filled with hope and positivity. It may be challenging to venture out but like darkness, it will not last.

If we are to change “light” with Christ’s name on it. It simply says that “Christ shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome Him.”

Christmas Season: A Personal Persepective

I often wonder how we view Christmas here in the Philippines. As seen on tv shows and print ads, Christmas has become a bazaar of gift giving and party and all that stuff. Although I have to admit that having all these makes Christmas more fun and exciting to at most of the time, but how do we really know the essence of Christmas in the reality of our current situations?

Christmas in the Philippines has been dubbed as one of the biggest and grandest event in the country. But with the economic blisters we are encountering, I often wonder if ever the same grandeur is felt and dubbed this season.

It was typical before to have all the Christmas lights scattered across the house in full color, having the lights turned on up to the wee hours of the night or early dawn. Wherein local parks and malls spectacle on the luxurious presentations of glittering lights at the start of the night.

Christmas before overcrowds malls and flee markets to buy gifts. I often dream about those good old days wherein I was tagged along at a local mall to buy the gifts and noche buena delights.

Forgive me for dwelling on these things…let me get back to my question earlier, how do we really know the essence of Christmas in the reality of our current situations?

Christmas is not just a season of giving but also a season of thanksgiving. Although we celebrate new year with a bang, its usually Christmas time when we celebrate all blessings the Lord has given us by uttering prayers of joy and thanks to our Creator and King.

It’s a time to understand that its not because of us that what we have accomplished that matters but of how the Lord has worked through us and helped us through the tough and bad times, as well as the good and joyous ones!

Hopefully, with our economic crisis and to any of our challenges individually, we will see Christmas as a time of evaluating, reflecting and be grateful that “HE (indeed HE alone) is able to do greater things for us…” and for that, I will SAY, AMEN!

Remembering Lolo and Lola…

Sunday was my typical rest day. I had a time to watch crunchyroll, chat and check friendster. A twist came when my auntie sent me her blog’s link and as i read her tribute to my grandparents. Whew, I cried!

The article was all about my lolo and lola’s good things they have done for the 5 siblings of my mama. Like their experiences, it was the same as ours when we were in their care for almost our entire grade school.

My lolo’s discipline and love for us will always be a big part of me. He is and will always be one great Lolo who is always awake and ready to fetch us up when we needed a ride home or even at going out.

My lola has a different side of her, out of her grumbles and tantrums sometimes, I will always cherish the way she takes care of us, cook for us and now, take care of her great grand children.

Both of them has been a strong encouragement for Viz and I to continue. They were examples of God’s faithfulless and commitment to our family.

Forever will I be indebted to two of my favorite loveones!!!!

Thanks for reading…


Life are full of challenges and we are destined to face each one of them. We have been wired to win some and lose some but the good part is that, we come out another person.
Our views in life will change, our ways will be more discrete and perhaps, our choices a much wiser one since we now know better from our experiences.

People sometimes doesn’t see the changes in us, whether it’s good or bad. Only those close to heart and who knows us too well are the one who are able to determine the change in our eye’s sparks, our reaction to things and sometimes, just sometimes the sadness our gestures make. Only those people knows us…and usually, accepts us.

Why am i sharing these things?

Because out of all the people in the world, only few people knows each one of us. With that fact comes the realization that we must take them to a deeper level of knowing who we are. This might be a hard step for some of us…but it’s a road we all must take.
This will be the people who will be your wall when all things fall apart. Your hopes when all are in despair (first of all, GOD is our hope…) and even when all things are dark and gloomy, these will be the ones who will stand before you and be there whenever there are wars to fight and battles to win.

Perhaps, you might be thinking that these might be true to some but not to me, ey…if the wind exists for us to feel the coldness of the night and refresh us when there is so much heat of the sun, then i guess it’s a fact that even when we don’t see it, it is there…i guess, the same truth might apply…even when people sees us as ugly, unlovable and whatever people may say about us or about what we see ourselves as…there are people who accepts the complete us (both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the courageous and the cowardice…blahblahblah…)
I hope that you will find yourself a good spot and see and evaluate the people surrounding you…and ask this question, “who among these are always there for me even when things are not the usual moments for me?” After that, thank them and say to them the most encouraging words they can hear from you. And perhaps, just perhaps, create another level of friendship with them.