Waiting Determines The True Nature of The Heart

I woke up today with a lot of things in mind. It made me think of a lot of stuff, some mundane while the other stuff makes me think that today is going to be a very long and bad day.

Even with the frustrations I am feeling, I still started with my devotional and it spoke about waiting in the Lord.

Hhhm, God’s word is reminding me to wait on a couple of things. To wait, to wait…to wait. I can’t seem to wait patiently for Him to move.

There are a couple of things that I want to rush into doing things but I am asked to wait. Actually, I feel like I am placed in a tight bottle, locked up and zipped while I see what’s going on outside.

This is how I am waiting.

This is how bored waiting is sometimes.

This can be a gruesome battle to be still.

This is not good for me.

This is irritating.

This is my waiting time.

This is how I’ll wait.

How we wait determines our heart’s true intentions. God intentionally make us wait to clear some rough edges of our decisions and sometimes allows the bad stuff to come out to the open.

I often feel bored,irritated and even wanting to take control. But wanting to take control is raging war against the will of Abba Father and disobedience can lead to more frustrations in the “what if’s”.

I guess that’s one thing that I feel right now, I am frustrated. Not sure of what but pretty sure I am feeling the nagging feeling of wanting to take control. The idea that I can do more,be more and can do better but I am also taken aback on certain issues,concerns and questions that will rise up if ever.

Caught in between my waiting time and frustrations, I pray. It eases me up, it makes me calm and relax. It allows me to remind myself that although I am in control in my life, there is someone much more in control of my being that needs to be acknowledged – my Father in Heaven.

“Father, it amazes me how you remind me of things early in the morning.

I feel frustrated writing this note but in the long run, the wisdom and reminder seems to take away the feeling of frustations away.

Let your word remain true today. I will wait for you, be in control, take control of both my will and emotions. In you, there will always be waiting time but also an opportunity to see your grace, to see your plans unfolding, to see your love for me and to see your shield of protection over me.

Indeed, life is better when you are in control because I find peace that you will never do anything that will hurt me. Amen.”


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