Work Rants and Some Other Stuff…


I’ve been dreaming of applying for an online job. Although this may entail me to work on the wee hours of the night, at least I can have some spare time doing something else. Working for some time in the corporate world makes you see things differently. In a span of 15 days, I’ve noticed that I am spending more than 10 hours regularly ( averaging to 12 to 16 hours every other day for the last 3 weeks) to meet deadlines and joining meetings.

I also noticed a decrease in my sleeping habit and although there are good amenities in my room, I usually spend my days or nights on my bed rather than enjoying the perks of being single.

Recently, I’ve been asking my self what I really want to do in life. The crazy feeling of wanting to work online spurs me to look for some online job. The search seems to be as easy as 1,2 and 3 but getting feedback is definitely entails a lot of patience. I want to be in a work wherein I can be my own boss or should I have one, a client who is miles away from me. I love to work alone, finish projects and spend time researching and learning new stuff online. This is what drives me right now to be online most of the time.

But seriously, I will miss talking to co-workers on important stuff, spending time doing reports and spearheading coaching sessions as well. These are also important to make me sane from time to time.

Simply put, this rant is just to make me vent out on some stuff on my mind and get to understand the feeling of being free to do stuff, earn while doing the things you love most and grow in another level of maturity outside the four walls of the office.

How about you, how are you doing today?


Late Night Stuff…Whew!

It’s the wee hours of the night and I’m still at the office due to some odd reasons. Whew!

I just had a talk earlier with my boss and discussed the possibilities of relocating somewhere in the Metro Manila area. The chat went something like this –

Vir: Ei, Matt, still busy?
Matt: Yes chief,it’s ok…
Vir: uhmmm…got something to tell you.
Matt: What’s that?
Vir: I’m freaking nervous…waaah!
Matt: Come on, spill it out…
Vir: Uhm,I’m planning to relocate in Manila area.

Just to clear it out, the main reason of planning to transfer there is for growth and for my Mama who is staying alone in Manila by herself. And I don’t like it to be that way forever. No one’s close enough to help her out.

Matt: So, when do you plan to move?
Vir: if ever possible, January or February…
Matt: Do you also want to relocate in any of the sites in Manila?
Vir: Yeah! That would be great!
Matt: Let’s talk this Sunday and see our options…
Vir: OK, Sunday then.

It was funny really when Matt asked me if ever I wanted to transfer to any of the sites in Manila. He maybe thought that I had other companies in mind with the transfer. And in doing so, it made it easier for me to transfer in Manila with the same interests and work awaiting.

Although I am not yet certain where I’ll be thrown for work, I’m confident that Matt knows the best area for me to grow. I know there are openings in Tarlac, and it’s quite far from Manila but definitely a good place in terms experience. Besides, I want challenge in my work and getting into a site that will soon to open is a great start!

Until here only…Bye!

A Day at the Office!

I always wanted to have a digital camera and give photography a shot for quite some time. So with all the equating of money, timeline and other payments,I decided to order one from a co-worker. And just today, I got with my new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120. Yey!

The first thing that popped to my mind was create another blog about the pictures I’ve taken but the site is still on the construction period. Hehehe… So, what can I do with a cybershot on my hand? I took the liberty to take the pics of my co-workers and just the typical day at the office…

All in A Day’s WOrk…

A new member has joined our Recruitment Team and I’d say he had a really blasting day having to see and experience how we do our daily tasks plus the weird stuff we do the entire day!

I haven’t talk to him but mind you, I was the one who interviewed him for the Associate post and then recommended him for the Specialist post instead.

At last, we have 3 guys in the team and I’d say this will be exciting as all tasks and responsibilities can be proportionately divided by everyone,not to mention we can now have 3 teams comprising of a guy-girl tandem!

At the right side is a sneak peak of the testing area with the 3 guys and a gal. This was taken in the late afternoon before I had an interview with a particular applicant. Hehehe… Can anyone say ” Narcissistic”?

Of course, the day wont end with the entire team having our Wednesday meeting with the updates, the hits and the fun of chatting about what’s about to happen in Cebu, the Duma gods show and the like. At this juncture, The team decided to have the TA Board updated with the new team member and of course, new photographer as well – me!

Thanks for Reading!

A blog about “toxic-tiring-exhausting…”

It’s late and I’m still in the office for a marketing call at 7:30pm. Whew…as usual, this is going to be a long-toxic-tiring-exhausting day for me.

Can you imagine coming in the office before 9:00am and leaving at exactly the same number in the evening ( 9:00pm) ?

Anyway, I am not ranting about something that I hate to do but just because it’s tiring. But does tiring means boring? or not interesting enough to finish? ( hehehe…)

Being a Coordinator, and I’d say a busy one at that makes me realize that part of being promoted is the need to be in the office way pass your schedule. It despises me accept the fact that “workaholic” is a tag line to people like me.

So, what drives a man like me to push for the limits?

If you say pay, I’d say “No…not really.” I am not after the money because I honestly believe I’m paid less compared to the other coordinators from other sites.

If you say benefits, I’d say ” Maybe…sometimes.” Basically because it allows me to practice my intellectual skills in making “fool-proof” (hopefully…) plans for sourcing out applicants but sometimes it breaks my neck sitting the whole day making plans which is not healthy for a cute guy like me. Haha… Feeler!

If you say performance, I’d say “Yes,definitely.” I am a workaholic guy who pushes myself to the limit to have good outputs and be praised for the good things I’ve done ( minus being egoistic). It makes me proud to see activities being completed by my own initiatives.

So, why post it here?

Because I want to express it out after a long day at work…And hopefully, still can project after a day at the office. Hehehe… ( Peace!!!)

Just a peek…

August life was kind of bumpy and toxic. I have to beat the odds of doing work and leisure in the beat of time. But it was cool and fulfilling!

Well, August is over and Helllooooo September! FOur months to go and i’d be counting presents and gifts to buy for the kids.

Come to think of September…What exciting things am I looking forward to?

1. Yap Pongsay Clan Reunion – all is set for the Saturday, Sept. 6 reunion. It’s gonna be a blast! (I hope so…) I hope to talk to a lot of people…and also to clarify some issues about my work and a particular uncle who supposedly apply and declined. Whew…I’d be facing lola’s and lolo’s skeptical looks.

2. Cousin’s getaway at Dauin, hopefully this will push through by the second week!

3. Word Of Life 27th Ministry Anniversary – Another gathering of one big family celebrating God’s goodness!!!

4. A job fair in Cagayan De Oro – another work stint and go to places!!! weeeh!

Anyway, it’s just the 2nd day and plans may change but I’m keeping my fingers cross for the exitement!!!


Work and Ministry Times…

My work schedule seems to be so tight that I don’t have time to work-out my blog for sometime. ( Grrr…I shouldn’t have accepted the job….Joke!)

Working in the recruitment for a year and a half has been a whirlwind for my Christian life. The pressure of call center recruitment has put me on the edge of my seat that missing a day (even a Sunday!) might be missing opportunity to market the work! I miss the good old days when life was either school or ministry. ( Hehehe…)

With the current trend that I have, I have given away the opportunity to lead praise and worship for quite some time. I surely miss the practices and devotions for almost 3 months now. Not to mention being able to minister to the young people in areas of leadership, counseling and encouragement as well as training them to become leaders themselves. I feel guilty to break my promise to be available at all costs for work of the Lord. ( Haaay…)

The last stint that I had was almost 3 months ago in the ISCF Camp of IVCF where I was invited as speaker. I grabbed the opportunity of overstaying for the entire duration of the camp. Being in camp sure made me get excited to minister and mingle with the students and bring impact and change to their lives. It was definitely life-changing for me.Although it had complications but the entire experience was awesome to the nth degree!

How do I integrate ministry and work? (Or do I have to choose either of the two?)

I had this dilemma for quite some time that to be fully involved in any chirstian ministry; you have to be available always. But as much as I want to, I can’t give my entire day for ministry and so I decided to make a strategy in integrating it for the next few months –

1. Financially support the Church project – with the church building on it’s way to the finishing touches I have been constantly helping out with the needs ( if I have the money). My work sometimes restraints me to be present every “bayanihan” but I have been trying my best to shell out money to continually support the construction. And it’s exciting!
2. Help-out with the music team – I’ve been leading worship for the past 4 years and the last year has been on a “need to be there”. Now, I find it exciting that from leading I’ve become a mentor ( wow!!!) for the new worship leader as well as allowing the music team to grow in the Word and the gifts (aside from the skills!).
3. Update NYMM Blog and it’s content – God has been gracious to let me involve to something that I love to do – mobilize youth to do missions! With NYMM being presented in the SMMR summit comes the need to make changes to the blog! This will be a challenge but hopefully an interesting journey! ( Check it out at: )

Point to Ponder:

There is always opportunity for us to be available for ministry it’s just us for the taking. Although sometimes I choose to be lax and turn the other way around, I can’t deny my desire and passion to serve the Lord. It’s wired in me since I became a Christian. Neglecting these opportunities is neglecting God-given avenues for Him to work through and in us. Although I do have my lapses, I find it a point to pursue my goal this year – make God a priority in all aspects of my life and to be available, always available whether in whatever areas or possibilities it may arise.

Have a GREAT day ahead!

When toxicity becomes addictous….

Hahaha…my subject says it all.

toxicity at work always makes my day. i spent my entire morning doing work that i don’t have anytime to lay back and relax and have fun.

To enjoy my time is somewhat a necessity i can’t divulge in full especially with deliverable always at my doorsteps. But come to think of it, this is my bread and butter and i don’t think grumbling ca help me ease the work. well of course, I’m also enjoying my work – it makes me think and be challenged with myself and of what i can do and cannot do. i dare myself to be more and do more no matter what.

I guess that’s the problem. with me striving to be excellent with what i do best i tend to be intoxicated by more work and less play. Hhhmmm, it makes sense i guess if your works paves your future career. Hahaha, i don’t know what that means but we’ll see months from now!!!!

A Quick Post!

I was just out buying some guy’s stuff when I got the urge to go online and check my friendster and blog account!

Well, just a quick recap of all the things I’ve been doing the whole weekend…

I had the time off from work after 2 days in Guihulngan City for a job fair. Although the job fair is not that stressful, the trip was! We have to travel for almost 3 hours from Dumaguete to Guihulngan by land trip! An aching back and a strained neck is worth the 6 “ok for hire” applicants out of around 60 applicants for the 2 days which is like 30%! (WOhooo!)

We had the chance to stroll the kids at the park and spend quality time with them. It was fun, we ended the night with a kiss from both and a good night hug before we went home.

Well, as i said, I totally forgot to buy toiletries since I was damn busy (with the kids…) and relaxed the whole day! Good thing Mercury was still open when I got in the downtown area. 🙂

Cheers everyone! 😉


A Day at Work…

Just another typical day at the office. I started the day doing sourcing work which made me sit at my table for almost 3 hours answering emails and finalizing the 2 upcoming job fairs. Sure is different when I was doing test administration…hahays…

Anyway, it’s not bad. I’m still adjusting that’s why it seems to be more hard to grasp such workload!

So, a good thing bout being a coordinator is that you get to decide for yourself in matters that requires immediate attention. I was able to talk with my manager regarding the 2 upcoming job fair from a remote city 3 hours away from Dumaguete. And it was nice that He approved my recommendation. Wohoo!

Enough with work. Let’s get into the social stuff. I kept on wondering last night why people think I’m tooot…Am i that bad? (check my friendster please… Also, I usually turn hot coals when I’m judged by people who seems to be has dirtier feet than mine. Surely, hot tempers looses your opportunity to win another friend. Hahay.. a lesson learned the hard way!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day. Hehehe…

Oh by the way,my leave was not approved due to the reason that we have an upcoming ramp! Damn! Anyway, the good thing was all of our leaves were not approved! 😦

TTYL. Bye!