Of Love and Relationships

I often wonder sometimes how life can be so ironic. People asks you questions that seems to be answerable for us and yet, we ourselves are bounded by our very own issues we often need an answer from someone.

I was asked by a friend earlier through a text message if ever “She should fight for him? Or let go?” and my answer was quite surprising even to me.

I told her that “it will still be your choice… fighting for someone may not mean winning it but at least trying to do d most makes it worthwhile.” Not later than 20 seconds that I received quite a favorable thanks for the enlightenment that I found myself questioning the same things over.

I often wonder whether to get back to that special someone whom I lost track with because of so many things in my life. Couldn’t resist the feeling of being afraid to be in a relationship – afraid of the commitment and the fears of finding the right person.

Upon seeing many things in perspective, I am in a way perplexed with my own stand about love and relationships yet feel adequate to answer a few questions by those that are younger than me. I often wonder how many of us guys really does have the courage to stand for the one we love and speak of the things we desire for the future. How in many things, women who has this desire to meet the prince charming in any novels and fairy tales can be counted few to the modern reality of life.

Crazy as this may sound, finding a relationship right now is not in my list maybe, just maybe, because of fear -not of being rejected, but of the future as well.


Rumors and Me…

It has been bothering me for quite some time about some rumors that I heared about me. Although friends told me to let it pass by,I can’t possibly do that.

The reason for my choice is because it is affecting me too personally. I hate it when I’mbeing talked about and not just talk but really being pulled down and degraded for such selfish reasons.

I have to admit that I have no holds if someone speaks bad about me, but wouldn’tbe those guys be considerate enough to take me out on their lists as “hot”topics?

If ever, just assuming,I did something wrong to these people,”I’m sorry…” is what I can offer, nothing more – no apologies,no more explaining and definitely no more bargaining.

Peace Out.

Faces and Names…Grr…

Everyday at work I see different faces in all walks of life. Some seems to be familiar while others are nameless individuals hoping to get in the company to provide for themselves and their families.

I consider myself a guy having problems with remembering faces. It’s so hard to really determine and remember faces. I get confused when people asks questions that takes me aback from time to time.

Good thing I have an excuse,hehehe… one blessing of having a twin brother is the escape the dilemma of not remembering their names and faces. It allows me to mimic names and get away when mistaken.

Anyway, it’s not a memory loss problem so beat it you guys!


Late Night Stuff.

I only have one hour sleep since I spent the night with a friends house. There was no one in the house and so I decided to go for an overnight stay from my friend’s house, which is 2 blocks away from my neighbourhood.

Well, typical boys stuff has been unraveled during the time I arrived to the wee hours of the night. ( hehe…)

Another thing, the conversation was quite ecstatic considering that He was a debater in one of the schools here in the city. Well, I am not good with arguments but of course, i could give good opinions nonetheless with regards to any topics we have discussed.

For now, I am at work and basically has one hour of sleep. My head is slowly drifting to the other end as I write this post. Typically, I would request for a leave but for today, I need to be at the office for some urgent matters concerning work. Well, what else can I do? (uhm,work!)

Hope I can have a good night’s rest tonight…that is, If i wont go to my friend’s house again. Haha…


A Day at Work…

Just another typical day at the office. I started the day doing sourcing work which made me sit at my table for almost 3 hours answering emails and finalizing the 2 upcoming job fairs. Sure is different when I was doing test administration…hahays…

Anyway, it’s not bad. I’m still adjusting that’s why it seems to be more hard to grasp such workload!

So, a good thing bout being a coordinator is that you get to decide for yourself in matters that requires immediate attention. I was able to talk with my manager regarding the 2 upcoming job fair from a remote city 3 hours away from Dumaguete. And it was nice that He approved my recommendation. Wohoo!

Enough with work. Let’s get into the social stuff. I kept on wondering last night why people think I’m tooot…Am i that bad? (check my friendster please… kewlkidd22@yahoo.com) Also, I usually turn hot coals when I’m judged by people who seems to be has dirtier feet than mine. Surely, hot tempers looses your opportunity to win another friend. Hahay.. a lesson learned the hard way!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day. Hehehe…

Oh by the way,my leave was not approved due to the reason that we have an upcoming ramp! Damn! Anyway, the good thing was all of our leaves were not approved! 😦

TTYL. Bye!


Life are full of challenges and we are destined to face each one of them. We have been wired to win some and lose some but the good part is that, we come out another person.
Our views in life will change, our ways will be more discrete and perhaps, our choices a much wiser one since we now know better from our experiences.

People sometimes doesn’t see the changes in us, whether it’s good or bad. Only those close to heart and who knows us too well are the one who are able to determine the change in our eye’s sparks, our reaction to things and sometimes, just sometimes the sadness our gestures make. Only those people knows us…and usually, accepts us.

Why am i sharing these things?

Because out of all the people in the world, only few people knows each one of us. With that fact comes the realization that we must take them to a deeper level of knowing who we are. This might be a hard step for some of us…but it’s a road we all must take.
This will be the people who will be your wall when all things fall apart. Your hopes when all are in despair (first of all, GOD is our hope…) and even when all things are dark and gloomy, these will be the ones who will stand before you and be there whenever there are wars to fight and battles to win.

Perhaps, you might be thinking that these might be true to some but not to me, ey…if the wind exists for us to feel the coldness of the night and refresh us when there is so much heat of the sun, then i guess it’s a fact that even when we don’t see it, it is there…i guess, the same truth might apply…even when people sees us as ugly, unlovable and whatever people may say about us or about what we see ourselves as…there are people who accepts the complete us (both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the courageous and the cowardice…blahblahblah…)
I hope that you will find yourself a good spot and see and evaluate the people surrounding you…and ask this question, “who among these are always there for me even when things are not the usual moments for me?” After that, thank them and say to them the most encouraging words they can hear from you. And perhaps, just perhaps, create another level of friendship with them.