When Melancholy Hits You Hard

You probably think that I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time but that’s not the case, or probably the entire scenario…

All of us sometimes needs space to reflect, look back and tries to clear things out. For whatever reasons, it can and helpfully get us back on track.

Since this is a blog about being melancholic, I’ll start by posting what I placed in my instagram account awhile ago. Here it goes:

I woke up with a very heavy feeling today. And yet, my mind wants to remind me that even King David encouraged himself in times of his own despair.

In 1 Samuel 30:6 the author shared “And David was greatly distressed…but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” Life as we know it will always have its ups and downs. We look at it differently and sometimes jokingly. But in the end, it is up to us whether we want to stay where we are or we rise above the situation, continue to pursue the things we love, leave behind the things we fear or start back to step zero.

But it all starts and ends with God.

This is a long post but believe me, I’ll be back to post more #melancholic #musings because #melancholicmode is on and #reflections would jump up here and there.

So,there it is. After trying to overcome the sad melancholic mode for about 6 months, it hit me hard on my birthday that I’ll be forever be “melancholic” and a few days after, got rebuked that when life hits you hard – I don’t need to roll down with it, I need to rise-up, believe in the good things in life, encourage myself and get my act together because I am not yet done.


Butuan City, Youth Camp and A Lot of Other Stuff

It’s the last day of April and I am excited to what’s in store for next month. For one, I’m going for the first time in 7 years back to the National Youth Camp, only this time, as a kuya. 

Butuan City, according to wikipedia:

Butuan (pronounced /bˈtwɑːn/), officially the City of Butuan (ButuanonDakbayan hong ButuanCebuanoDakbayan sa ButuanTagalogLungsod ng Butuan) and often referred to as Butuan City, is a highly urbanized city in the Philippines and the regional center of Caraga. It is located at the northeastern part of the Agusan Valley, Mindanao, sprawling across the Agusan River. It is bounded to the north, west and south by Agusan del Norte, to the east by Agusan del Sur and to the northwest by Butuan Bay. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 337,063 people.[4]

I believe God is doing something in the city and we are all excited what He will reveal through this season. 

Please pray also for our youth group of twenty something as we travel from Negros Oriental to Cebu by bus and barge and by boat overnight all the way to Nasipit. 

Also,since it will be on a weekday, I’ll be out of the office for the entire week and my boss approved of it. Wohoo!

And oh, I’m also helping with some church stuff with NIHOP’s Negros Youth Convergence 2017:

So,it is going to be a hectic month on top of work so please pray for the following:

  • Provision for travel, the activities and for my family as well
  • Protection in all the travels, promotional stints for the events
  • Good health as I do stuff because you know how I become workaholic

I appreciate your reading and send me a comment if you agree with me in prayer! Salamat!

Things To Come (For Me) this 2011

2011 has finally arrived and to many of us, this is definitely a good year after everything that happened the previous year. I’ve been browsing through the pinoy blogosphere lately and noticed the emerging trend of posting about 2011 and the no. 11 respectively.

Most of the posts revolved around their New Year’s resolution(s), predictions, and expectations and among others for 2011. And after a couple of hours reading all about them, I finally decided to join in the fun by making NOT just one but three blog posts with the same topic.

You’re probably asking  why I’m posting 3 separate entries to one particular topic. I wanted to write a lot of things about this year. After some thought though, I realized that I need to focus on topics related to:

What I want to have

(gadgets, investments and necessities)

What I want to do

(travel, leisure and fun)

What I want to accomplish

(related to work, family life and personal goals)

Why create one NOW?

There comes a time in your life that you realize you’re growing older and you want to accomplish a lot of things (that includes getting the things you want) before you turn 30.

Since the last 5 years of my life has always been about work and I’ve been intoxicated with it ever since, the next few years will be focused on things that is entirely different from what I’ve done before.

Honestly speaking, I’ve entirely forgot that life does not revolve with work alone but should include enjoyment and have fun along the way to balance everything. With that realization comes the idea on focusing my energy to things I love to do, I want to have and I need to accomplish.

I hope this makes sense to you and please expect more posts from me this 2011!

2010: The Preview

I’ve been very busy lately doing so many stuff that I forgot to update this blog for the entire Christmas break. I had the time to visit places, reconnect with former team mates and have fun celebrating the holidays with my close friends and relatives. It was indeed a Christmas like no other.

Don’t worry, I was not on “hiatus” stage (yet) since I have a few blog posts in my draft section but just didn’t have the time to update it or think it over with.

I really enjoyed my long break from December 23 to January 2, 2011. It was a perfect time to be a “bum” for almost two weeks. I had a lot of time in my hands without thinking of work or anything that requires too much effort after a year of so many changes.

Come to think of it, 2010 was truly the year of “change” and the “first of many” which was definitely unexpected earlier last year. And I have to say anything about my 2010 is that it was really a good year and a lot of learning experiences for 12 months.

Happy New Year Everyone!

My Bad Experience with Globe


Globe’s Facebook Unli Browsing

One way to enjoy my past time is to browse through Facebook using my mobile phone. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and I enjoy every minute of it. It’s also nice to use the site while traveling anywhere since its dependent is just globe’s signal.

Minus the exciting opportunity to chat with friends online, we can browse through profiles and update our status using the mobile site.

Globe’s Bad Internet Browsing Issues

Sad to say, Globe’s Facebook’s mobile browsing seems to be catching up in their new campaign in giving good customer service for many of us. Another challenge will be the timeline from your registration to the time the actual browsing starts. Globe has this habit of deducting the browsing amount and activating your subscription an hour after.

Globe’s Bad Customer Service

Forgive me for ranting but this happened not just once or twice but a couple of times already with Globe’s “inadequacy”. Now, I don’t have any attempt to boycott Globe or even ask anything but I just want to vent out over a few issues I’ve encountered in my last few attempts.

I’ve let it pass by the first time around but when I encountered the same error on my second registration, I went to Globe’s local customer service to inquire about the issue. Unfortunately, they were not able to help me out and advised me to check it again by tomorrow if I still encounter the same issue.

Again, I experienced the same error yesterday and I called their customer service earlier and was cut-off due to bad signal. I tried calling again only to find out that their “technical” specialists only asked me to observe if I will still experience the same dilemma after 24 hours.

Please take note that they give the same solutions which is not really helping. Forgive me for crying out loud, but what’s the purpose of having technical specialists wherein they can’t even handle little issues like these?

Personal Thought’s on what Globe needs to do

I think Globe needs to revamp their customer service tactics to ensure that real and good customer service is being given to all customers especially during these holiday season.

It just shows how they cater to their customer needs by making you “wait and see” instead of fixing the issue the soonest possible time. Sad to say, Globe’s customer service were not able to give concrete solution to something that a user like me is deprived of after deducting P 50.00 from my load.

I’m not sure if Globe is really listening and if not, I think they need to listen now before this goes out of hand.

The “Pacute” Effect for a camera

I went to SM City yesterday and tried looking for a top to pair with my white jeans but unfortunately didn’t find any that fits me.

After being tired of going around the mall, I finally decided to pass by Picture City and inquire about the Canon S220 that I was supposed to buy. The camera was out of stock and my reservation is still pending since it will only be available by Thursday of next week. 😦

They said it was out of stock but I came home with one.

I didn’t want to go home without trying to get a new camera for tonight so I decided to try my luck convincing them to find one. After much “pacute” effect for 5 minutes, the supervisor finally decided to offer his reserved camera of the same brand. And take note, of an additional discounted price of P 3,600.00.

I think luck is on my side and I’m crossing my fingers for those PSP tonight. 😉

The Search for That Crappy Top

Christmas parties  are definitely exciting. Where on earth can you experience knowing a lot of people, winning a few exciting prizes and some good food and enjoyment. Oh, I’m talking about our Company’s Christmas party.

Since I just turned a half-year old with my current company, this will be my first time to attend the big event scheduled tomorrow night, December 12.

The sad news is, I only have one more day to find that perfect “get-up”. Actually my preference would be a tee-shirt and white jeans. Worst comes to worst, I also bought a green colored tee-shirt with a silver print on it just in case.

Too bad we are required to wear a thematic “white and silver” for the Christmas party which is a little bit of a challenge right now.

Now, enough with being online and on to looking for that crappy top to match my white jeans. I’ll post my get-up before the party! Promise!

Just A Quick Rant About Work

Have you ever tried waking up in the morning with the nagging feeling of just staying in bed for the entire day?

That’s one thing that I’ve been dying to do this entire  month of October.  To personally define my October experience, it’s definitely hectic. I’ve traveled to places (related to work) and stayed very late at work for a minimum of 3-4 hours overtime almost everyday. I’ve pushed myself to do things I’ve never done before and grilled myself thinking what can give more other than the ones projected.

Pressure has been a super friend that even though you don’t want him near,he’s going to stick with you to the end. I can’t even count how many times have I been pressed so hard during our meetings by hitting the target and such that every time I go to sleep, I doze off thinking how I can improve the things I need to do.

But seriously, I hate the pressure and toxicity of my work right now that I’m thinking of moving out of the company and find another job. A job that can actually compensate enough for my needs and also allow me to just relax.

I’m also pondering going back to recruitment instead of pursuing a career in recruitment – marketing. For the main fact that I don’t want to be creative anymore.

The “No Rice Diet” Works?

Fact#1: No Rice Diet is challenging.

Fact#2: No Rice Diet requires discipline.

Face#3: No Rice Diet is (or is not) effective.

Like any other Filipinos, you might probably know that rice has become an integral part of our regular meal. Filipino men are damn good at eating more than half a kilo for 3 or 4 consecutive meals a day. But believe it or not, it’s almost 2 months now that I have been saying “NO” to this no. 1 staple food available in the Philippines.

I’ve been on a “No Rice” diet for more than a month now and I am not really sure if it’s effective. The reason why I’m doubting it is because I was not able to measure my waist before really pursuing the diet. I just tried not eating rice for 21 days and see if I can develop it as a habit and guess what, I did!

And even if I eat rice, I couldn’t finish up eating more than half the cup I usually succumb to every meal.

Why pursue such a diet?

For one, I’m not into jogging or a gym buff. I have no qualms in going to one but my schedule does not permit me – or should I say, I don’t want to squeeze it in my schedule for now. My work eats up most of my daily and weekly schedule and sleeping is a luxury as I am narcoleptic.

Another good reason is that I was desperate.

Although a lot of people would say I don’t even look big but to be honest about it, my tummy really needs some attention. So, instead of going for the hard way, I decided to quit eating rice. Yes folks, I said “No” to the daily staple I’ve been fed up more than 26 years.

A lot may not agree on why I decided to go for the “No Rice Diet” but I’m more than happy staying away from it and see what will happen.

What benefits will I get from it?

I’ll lose weight and can flaunt my body hopefully before December 2010 – Forgive me to sound naughty but I’m really conscious on the way I look (yes, believe it or not, conscious when naked!).

I have become picky when it comes to choosing food getting the diet to work doesn’t just requiring myself to omit rice from the meal, I need to choose good food that can compliment of not having the food that fuels my thinking most of the time. I’ve learned to love soup and veggies, chicken, fish and less pork and have mashed potatoes for heavy meals. 😉

My self-esteem will increase – you read it right. I have no problems being fat but with the work that I have, it’s a challenge losing weight. Getting this done and over with will definitely be a good opportunity to boost myself. And by the way, increasing my self-esteem doesn’t necessarily mean fueling my “ego” – that definitely is a different story!

Want some pictures to prove it?

For the heck of it, I’ll be posting my pictures as soon as I can get a good angle on how I am doing with this diet, and you can take a sneak peek of my future body anytime soon!

Thanks for reading!


And the Levites—Jeshua, Kadmiel, Bani, Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah and Pethahiah—said: “Stand up and praise the LORD your God, who is from everlasting to everlasting.[a]
“Blessed be your glorious name, and may it be exalted above all blessing and praise.
You alone are the LORD. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you…”

Nehemiah 9: 5-6

Thank You,Lord For Thursday!

Thursdays were supposed to be the not so busy day of the week for me but I think it will change with a lot of things to do and accomplish for the next few days.

Just to give you an idea what happened with me today, just try to read the bullet points below –

  • Created/Finalized 4 proposals
  • Updated the strategic planning for Q4
  • Attended 2 meetings
  • Processed some important documents

But there are a few things I am thankful about before the night striked 12:00mn. Here are a few that I’d like to share with below –

  • Had the strength,motivation and will to stay very late to finish stuff.
  • Wisdom to do the things that is needed of me.
  • Favor and grace of the opportunities given to me.
  • People who helped me a lot today.
  • Peace of mind
  • Words of encouragement

After thinking much of what happened and listing down a few things I’m reminded about, I finally realized that God is indeed in the small stuff. The day for me started with a TO DO LIST and ended up finishing so much more and giving back to God for the grace He bestowed to me.

Thank You Lord!

WordPress Issues and Among Other Things

As you’d probably know, I moved back to WordPress in the idea that their dashboard is simplier and the layout is great. Although I still have a lot to thank about I can’t just shut up about my few experiences updating this blog and the errors I’m receiving.

I received a couple of errors when I tried to blog about something a week ago. If you noticed, the last blog update was Sunday but I’ve been trying to blog on a Monday and then Wednesday. The reply from the WordPress Team came on a Thursday and now, I can post.

Another error I’m experiencing right now is on the widget area. I’ve tried to placed a shoutbox on my page and it shows it was uploaded or saved but unfortunately not all the codes were saved and so,only a fraction of the entire shoutbox is shown in the page. As much as I want to tinker on and check how I can fix this one but my brain is not working so I decided to take it out and fix it on a later date.

Some Updates

Right now, I wanted to just chill-out and relax in my hometown before taking on next week for all the projects I’m handling at work. So, it’s a long weekend and if I were you, better do the same!

And by the way, I just had my 31st day with the “No Rice Diet” and thank God people are noticing that I’m loosing weight! Wohoo! Let’s see what happens after the 60th day!

I’ll try to post the pictures of the before and after later on if I can keep this up! Wish me LUCK!

(Bring it on!!!)

It’s Officially Sunday


I slept the entire afternoon (again!) and woke up super late that made me go through the same ordeal of being awake at night until the next day. I have to admit that I need to take shorter naps on a weekend just to make sure that I sleep before the clock strikes 12:00am and have enough rest for the next day.

My usual sleeping habits starts around 11:00pm giving me around 5-6 hours of sound sleeping and then wakes up around 5:00am the next day. I know that we need at least 8 hours of sleep everyday but my body clock won’t let me and besides, I still find it energetic with 5 hours of straight sleep.

I usually open my eyes before the clock strikes 6:00am which is due to my high school and college years. I have to travel early not to be late in school for my first class since our place is far from Dumaguete City. After 8 fateful years in high school and in college, my body got used to sleeping for less than 8 hours and then get ready again before the sun rises. This also made me nocturnal most of the times especially when I’m traveling . (sigh!)

My main concern right now is to make sure that I don’t doze off during the Sunday service as this will definitely be embarrassing for a guy like me who happens to be a newbie in Church.

I guess I just have to think positive about this and hopefully – get some sleep after purging my brains out to write something here.