The Most Needed Update

It’s been a good start of the year and I’m loving every minute of it. In just a span of 1 month, I’ve been to three places and experienced a lot of new things. So, here’s to a “better late than never” post about it.

A week after new year, I had the chance to travel to Manila and then to Palawan for some getaway. I was out for a week in the office and it was a needed vacation for me I guess.


First off, I traveled to Manila and stayed there for a day. My cousin and I had a business date and settled in their loving couch for more than 3 hours to finalize a business presentation for Rova Tours.

Just a quick background, Rova Tours is a start-up travel agency business of my tito and tita (Roy and Nova Silva). I joined the team 2nd half of last year. I slowly transitioned to a consultancy role and for just this month, took over as head of the business.

So, if you are looking for a good place to go for a quick rest, please visit us at or our Facebook page at Rova Tours and inquire about so many stuff that we offer. And this view below is just one of so many!


El Nido Beach Front, El Nido, Palawan

So, if you are looking for someone to book you somewhere, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll post more pics of my travel on my next blog post. 😉




Christ Is Our Light

Spending my quiet time to understand darkness and light. Here are a few thoughts:

1.) A small light can illuminate the darkest place on earth. It symbolizes hope in our desperation, a glimmer of hope makes us jump in enthusiasm that something BETTER IS IN STORE.

2.) Light can overcome the darkness but not the other way around. Christ is symbolized as the light of the world. And because He is the light, darkness will submit to his power and authority.

3.) The break of dawn symbolizes a new day to ponder, to fight for, to live and enjoy. Hope is renewed, it rejuvenates and it allows us to give our best for the day once again.

Mark today as a new day filled with hope and positivity. It may be challenging to venture out but like darkness, it will not last.

If we are to change “light” with Christ’s name on it. It simply says that “Christ shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome Him.”

The New Look!

At last a new look has landed in this site!

Thanks to Blogger-Templates, I can say I’m satisfied with the new view of the site.

Well, melankoliko will also have a new and wider coverage. Instead of having the usual spill of my tantrums and experiences, this site will showcase both opinions and issues that I like to tackle in the near future.

The blog itself will try to live to it’s motto that thinking does makes us human. In all aspects of life and experiences there is more than just the pain, but the reality of learning from it – no matter how painful it might be.

So, in the next few runs, I’ll be developing this blog into a whole new level!

I also changed the layout of OutOfDBox to appease myself in having it like a real website. Feel free to browse through it by clicking the link up in the menu bar. 🙂


Spiritual Spirals

I just had lunch with my team mates and it was an interesting humid lunch with lots of chit chat about spirituality and life as a whole. It’s kind of interesting that to many of us, going to church is mundane and not that exciting.

Hhhmmm… It made me think about my own spiritual spirals lately… what made me go lukewarm overtime?

Well, the reality that going to church is a choice and a will to stay long…being there requires more attention and presence of mind. Everytime I listen to the sermons by our pastors allows me to examine my own life, choices and stand in life. To many times, it’s an opportunity to seek the answers to unanswerable queries I have ever since.

But to some extent, doing things that I know of is wrong makes me callouse and hardhearted. It’s seems to be a wall that blocks conscience from doing its ridicule on me. I hate what I’m doing but I seem to enjoy it at times also. But I know time flies fast and the effects of everything that I do comes to a hault and guilt comes rushing in, pushing you to the ground of despair and disclosure.

It may seem unfair to what I’ve been through but knowing these things doesn’t mean I’m not accounted for what my life has been. Although society can pretty much be included in the list of causes for my choices. It still boils to the point that life, no matter how hard and rocky it may seem, it’s my CHOICE that counts, and it’s also my CHOICE to be wayward or to move on straight ahead.

With all these, which makes me think more… How can I get out of this pit I’ve made myself?

A Day at Work…

Just another typical day at the office. I started the day doing sourcing work which made me sit at my table for almost 3 hours answering emails and finalizing the 2 upcoming job fairs. Sure is different when I was doing test administration…hahays…

Anyway, it’s not bad. I’m still adjusting that’s why it seems to be more hard to grasp such workload!

So, a good thing bout being a coordinator is that you get to decide for yourself in matters that requires immediate attention. I was able to talk with my manager regarding the 2 upcoming job fair from a remote city 3 hours away from Dumaguete. And it was nice that He approved my recommendation. Wohoo!

Enough with work. Let’s get into the social stuff. I kept on wondering last night why people think I’m tooot…Am i that bad? (check my friendster please… Also, I usually turn hot coals when I’m judged by people who seems to be has dirtier feet than mine. Surely, hot tempers looses your opportunity to win another friend. Hahay.. a lesson learned the hard way!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day. Hehehe…

Oh by the way,my leave was not approved due to the reason that we have an upcoming ramp! Damn! Anyway, the good thing was all of our leaves were not approved! 😦

TTYL. Bye!

personality?or not?

Life never gives too much options.
And how people respond to the things we do are unpredictable.

What a sad realization but true. we seldom meet the expectations of friends,family and loved ones. As much as we also expect much we receive little. That is i guess the irrevocable laws of attraction. I don’t know, maybe i’m just too melancholic but that’s what’s in my mind right now.

What a hard combination of being melancholic and O/C (obsessive-compulsive)…just days ago i decided to go to bacolod and just last night, i decided not to. Though there are reasons why i stopped the idea of going, it’s just that i am easily pushed to do something when i am forced and pulled to situations on my control and yet beyond my limits….what does that mean? i don’t know…hehehe.

Anyways,am melancholic-choleric…i do have fun but sometimes, having fun goes beyond the idea of fun to others…i tend to intimidate them and being choleric,tries to manipulate them…but not all, only a few…wahahaha!

But a friend of mine said that we all have the four types of personality and one or two of these are really adamant in the things we do…(what’s adamant?)

anyways, i have lot’s of things to do…catch you later…wahehehe!