The Writing About My Melancholy Continues

I am still melancholic but also trying to not think most of the time. To battle my melancholy, I started to write stuff through my instagram posts and found out, I’m not ending with just two posts but a continuous effort to bring out the reason why I’m feeling sad.

A good friend and co-worker asked me why am I being melancholic and asked me “What or who did you remember recently?”

And I blurted out aloud “a lot”. Here’s another melancholic mode instagram post below:

One of the bad side of being melancholic is that you keep thinking even when all the lights are off. I ended up sleeping past 2AM because even when the phone is turned off and my aircon is in full blast, I still keep thinking stuff about work, life, plans and even the past.

There are certain things that is so hard to understand . It ends us with the reality that certain decisions and actions from long ago can have a ripple effect all along, not to mention, consequences. And so does current decisions in life, it will impact my entire life one way or another.

But if in any consolation, the past is past and we can no longer hold dear to what has been done.

The good thing is, God in His loving nature as a Father, redeemed us from our past and reminds us that even in our darkest, He became the light and hope for us through His son.

How then should I act with my #melancholy and #liveout the best in me?

Still, in #melancholic mode and yet, hopeful that by writing what is in my head, helps me jump boat from this #temperament to my #choleric side once again.


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