The Most Needed Update

It’s been a good start of the year and I’m loving every minute of it. In just a span of 1 month, I’ve been to three places and experienced a lot of new things. So, here’s to a “better late than never” post about it.

A week after new year, I had the chance to travel to Manila and then to Palawan for some getaway. I was out for a week in the office and it was a needed vacation for me I guess.


First off, I traveled to Manila and stayed there for a day. My cousin and I had a business date and settled in their loving couch for more than 3 hours to finalize a business presentation for Rova Tours.

Just a quick background, Rova Tours is a start-up travel agency business of my tito and tita (Roy and Nova Silva). I joined the team 2nd half of last year. I slowly transitioned to a consultancy role and for just this month, took over as head of the business.

So, if you are looking for a good place to go for a quick rest, please visit us at or our Facebook page at Rova Tours and inquire about so many stuff that we offer. And this view below is just one of so many!


El Nido Beach Front, El Nido, Palawan

So, if you are looking for someone to book you somewhere, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll post more pics of my travel on my next blog post. 😉




When Melancholy Hits You Hard

You probably think that I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time but that’s not the case, or probably the entire scenario…

All of us sometimes needs space to reflect, look back and tries to clear things out. For whatever reasons, it can and helpfully get us back on track.

Since this is a blog about being melancholic, I’ll start by posting what I placed in my instagram account awhile ago. Here it goes:

I woke up with a very heavy feeling today. And yet, my mind wants to remind me that even King David encouraged himself in times of his own despair.

In 1 Samuel 30:6 the author shared “And David was greatly distressed…but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” Life as we know it will always have its ups and downs. We look at it differently and sometimes jokingly. But in the end, it is up to us whether we want to stay where we are or we rise above the situation, continue to pursue the things we love, leave behind the things we fear or start back to step zero.

But it all starts and ends with God.

This is a long post but believe me, I’ll be back to post more #melancholic #musings because #melancholicmode is on and #reflections would jump up here and there.

So,there it is. After trying to overcome the sad melancholic mode for about 6 months, it hit me hard on my birthday that I’ll be forever be “melancholic” and a few days after, got rebuked that when life hits you hard – I don’t need to roll down with it, I need to rise-up, believe in the good things in life, encourage myself and get my act together because I am not yet done.

A Testimony Talk

“The moment we make our mess into a message of hope and the testings our testimony, we celebrate the victory we have in Christ Jesus.”

I had the opportunity to talk last night in a youth group about 1 Corinthians 13. By God’s grace, I hope I was able to present a very good and thorough explaination of what true love is, basing it in the written word of God, the bible.

Amazing things happen when you know God walks through the door and makes you tell your testimony to a group of youngsters.

Perhaps, I’ll share it here one time but for now, be praying to God about it. 😉


I always wonder how I would look like if I become one of those “emo” guys on the street. Long sided hair, dark-lined eyes, lipsticks? (black?) How about wearing those hood jackets with stripes all over? Or perhaps wearing those tight levi’s jeans and chuck taylor boots? (I’m wondering If I look good on that though…)

A lot has been going on that You can’t expect me to become too emotional – to the extent of looking like one!

But honestly speaking, I hate people who are careless of other people’s feeling. If I could sum up everything that happened this past few days, it’s this – UNFAIR.

UNFAIR because People speaks first, BEFORE THINKING it through.





Can life be really unfair? Or is it just how we perceive things that makes it look unfair?

In all of these, I believe LIFE is unfair, not by CHANCE but by how You and me makes choices that either breaks or makes another person’s life miserable. I’m thinking that being UNFAIR is a man-made choice wherein all of us, in all walks of life chooses to do something not for others, but for what we think is fair for us regardless of what the OUTCOME may be.

But the question really is, in all of the unfairness in life, how do we make life fair not just for us, but for everyone else out there, who thinks the same? Life indeed is a mystery, because even us can’t determine such answer.

Fiesta and CopyCats!

It’s Tuesday and I have no work! (hopefully!)

It’s fiesta time here in Dumaguete and people are busy buzzing either cooking or looking for a place to be full. And yes folks, good thing for those working in call centers wherein they get to be awake till lunchtime for the “chibugan” sessions somewhere out there. And of course, those who are enjoying the local holiday!

I was wondering what other activities aside from “eating” that can be exciting and interesting during fiesta time…hhhmmm, What else can I do over a day of no work and in a fiesta?

Well, to start off, I decided to wake up early and have some wifi time in McDonald’s, and was a little bit shock seeing a new construction at the side of BPI for a new Jollibee Outlet. Pinoy nga naman….

I am no business tycoon or something but in my opinion, having 3 Jollibee stores in a little city called Dumaguete can be too much. The Jollibee Perdices branch is 5 minutes away from the Cathedral church. And not to mention, it’s just Sundays when this particular area be full with a lot of people. For other days, I’d say less than a handfull will be in this area.

And not to mention, McDonald’s is also nearby wherein the market can be divided, not to mention a local resto – HiWay 10 is on the next block. Whew. ( I promise to take a pic on these 3 later on today,hopefully…)

On another note, Filipinos has this tendency to compete (whether upfront or other way), that makes me wonder where they got it? I often wonder why in one block, there are 6 sari-sari stores, in one street, 3 barber shops and 2 beauty salons and of course, wherein 5 “carinderias” are lined-up somewhere in between.

As a Filipino, it makes me ashame to say that “a lot are copycats…” and the uniqueness of the Filipino spirit is deprived from our need rather than being a trend setter. And I finally realized what the owner of the email from PinoyGuyGuide when he commented on our way of copying things. Grrr… Too bad!

Just another early melancholy…hehehehe.

Acquaintance and Frienship?

It’s another late night post after a day with so many things to do yet only a few things has beenasid and done. ( What’s that again?)

Anyway, Can anything be excited than meeting new people especially if you’re not in a hurry? To many of us, what makes acquaintances are people with no time to take a sip and talk awhile (one moment…one Nescafe!) and get to learn more about other people – whether it’s the mundane stories of someone to a passionate desire for another. Couple it up with an attentive ear and you’ll have a new friend in no time.

In a deeper sense though, acquaintance is always the first step to befriend someone (and maybe more…) but how do we determine those who are good from the bad? from the interesting to the mundane? And who would forget, from the way they look and dress to you know what I mean… ( Sorry!!!)

Let’s say in all of these, the common ground for any friendship will be the “sense to belong” attitude of the group. I’m blessed to say that I have officemates who are definitely for the GO when it comes to talk and discuss about life, leisure, love and anything else that revolves around each and everyone of us.

To Thirdy, Stan (New Team Mate and not on the Pic below!!!), Master Ai, Kat, Clei,Tanya and Cha0 – two thumbs up to the best Recruitment Team in the entire TeleTech Company!!!Me, Clei,CHao,Tanya,Master Ai,Kat and Thirdy (infront)

Just This Saturday

My entire Saturday seems to be mundane as usual. Just to make something out of my boredom, I tried taking pictures in the downtown area, discretely as possible. Imagine myself stopping in front of Ever Mall just to get a shot of the people walking around or leaping at the glass window up in Super Lee to get a shot downward. Hehehe…

At EverMall, It was fast so it seems too blurry.

At Lee Super Plaza FoodCourt

I ate up the whole ice cream choco sundae

A view of Mart One from the Top ( Lee)

On the Left side of the window…
Taken infront of the office at exactly 11:40 something in the morning, Sat. Nov. 22,2008

Anyway, just sharing with you some amateur pics taken by me earlier…Would it be fine to say here that someone invited me supposedly to join a pictorial session for a fashion show at the Negros Convention Center but I declined? Uhm, Don’t really have the guts to go pro for now…especially, “pro bono” hehehe…

Happy Saturday Weeknight Everyone!!!

Negros Blog Rolls: Are You “In” or “Out”?

Blogging can be really addictive like friendster and other networking sites. But how does a blogger commune with other bloggers in one area?

If you’re on the same dilemma as we are, then cheer up – There’s hope!

There are other bloggers who are into this too! So with this in mind, I’ve created a particular networking website named – “Negros BlogRolls” to suffice the need about meeting friends and bloggers in the area. I would like to reiterate that this blog community will be solely for bloggers (amateur or professional) from the area and not any other networking site you have in mind.

The goal of the community is to gather a good number of bloggers in the area where we can communicate, share posts and learn about tips and tricks in hitting it big in the world of blogging.
(and of course, among other things…)

And by the way, Kam, another blogger who is calling out all the bloggers from Dumaguete and Neighboring areas to gather and create the core group to make spark something good for all of us. If you are interested, you may visit her blog or send her an email c/o

So, what are you waiting for? Are YOU “in” or “out”?

Spread the news and be part of blog history in the making! Hope you’d also check the community – NegrosBlogRolls!

A Day at the Office!

I always wanted to have a digital camera and give photography a shot for quite some time. So with all the equating of money, timeline and other payments,I decided to order one from a co-worker. And just today, I got with my new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120. Yey!

The first thing that popped to my mind was create another blog about the pictures I’ve taken but the site is still on the construction period. Hehehe… So, what can I do with a cybershot on my hand? I took the liberty to take the pics of my co-workers and just the typical day at the office…

All in A Day’s WOrk…

A new member has joined our Recruitment Team and I’d say he had a really blasting day having to see and experience how we do our daily tasks plus the weird stuff we do the entire day!

I haven’t talk to him but mind you, I was the one who interviewed him for the Associate post and then recommended him for the Specialist post instead.

At last, we have 3 guys in the team and I’d say this will be exciting as all tasks and responsibilities can be proportionately divided by everyone,not to mention we can now have 3 teams comprising of a guy-girl tandem!

At the right side is a sneak peak of the testing area with the 3 guys and a gal. This was taken in the late afternoon before I had an interview with a particular applicant. Hehehe… Can anyone say ” Narcissistic”?

Of course, the day wont end with the entire team having our Wednesday meeting with the updates, the hits and the fun of chatting about what’s about to happen in Cebu, the Duma gods show and the like. At this juncture, The team decided to have the TA Board updated with the new team member and of course, new photographer as well – me!

Thanks for Reading!

Dumaguete Bloggers!

Yey! My 2 blogs was added to Dumaguete site! And yes folks, it’s something to be excited about if you tell me because I have been looking for Dumagueteños who are into blogging as well.

To mention Dumaguete bloggers, the upcoming NegOr IT Expo 2008 is inviting all bloggers and technopreneurs to join this December 1-2, 2008 at the Negros Convention Center. Although joining the event may incur cost, I believe this will be an avenue to share ideas and be heard during the 2 day event.

I’m currently part of the organizing commitee ( sleaky me… Hehehehe) and I’d say this is something promising. So, for all those bloggers who are into e-business, send me a message and who know’s you’d hit it big after this event!

By the way, the said event will be handled by the Negros Oriental/ Dumaguete ICT Group,who are composed of different schools, goverment and private businesses respectively. Click my name to learn more!


Wandering Around…

I’ve been wandering around the net for days searching for good blogs coming from Dumaguete and I’d say I’m not in vain. So, for this post I’ll be sharing some blogrolls from people that I know and not know of that has good content and exposure.

To start of, I’ll share about some interesting site I’ve been going back and forth this weekend.

Blogroyalty – Cool layout and interesting topics from politics, social issues and personal experiences. This blog is from a good friend from my hometown who was just hailed one of the “Dumaguete’s Top 5 Young Achievers Under 25″. I’d say he’s gone this far with his achievement and will be taking over blogosphere in just a few spins. 😉

Memoirs on a Post-it – This one is something worth to keep track on. I’d say the author, Joselle, is an articulate and interesting blogger with a personal touch to her blog entries. Check it out for yourself if you’d not be mesmerized for her Apo experience and review. 🙂

Dumaguete City – Although I’m a bit confused if this is a blog or a pure bred website, it does contain some interesting links to a few Dumaguete blogs here. And I think, I found what PinoyBlogero was talking about. 😀

Tech Hallucinations – is a good stop if your into techno-writing and wants to know the latest about Dumaguete Technology. 🙂

These are some of the blogs I gathered for now since I only have a few minutes left before I’d doze off to sleep tonight.

Hhhm… Interesting that I was able to find some blogs coming from people from here. Hopefully, I can connect to most of them and see if a possible blog event will be doable before the year ends. 🙂

For more details on what I’m talking about – Click here.

Dumaguete – Next Wave City in the South

Does Dumaguete really have what it takes to be one of the “next wave” cities in the Philippines?

“Next-wave” cities are those which have the infrastructure to host outsourcing centers as well as a capable labor pool and a proper business environment. Simply put, it means these places has the potential of hosting call centers and other IT industries which is booming in the country.

According to Philippines Today website, GMA is banking on these places as potential to attract business process outsourcing companies. The excerpt on the site says –

“The 24 “next-wave” centers are: Tuguegarao, Baguio, Dagupan, Urdaneta, Cabanatuan, Clark, San Fernando in Pampanga, Subic, Cainta, Bacoor, Sta. Rosa, Lipa, Batangas City, Camarines Sur, Legazpi, Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cebu, Leyte, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and General Santos.”

For someone who is a commoner, I’d say yes. As I joined the 2nd meeting for the upcoming IT Expo 2008 in Dumaguete earlier this afternoon, the organizer’s passions and dedication seems to be addictive so as to give extra effort in making this event a reality.

I have high hopes for this event also because it can benchmark of something good and better for the benefit of every Negresians with high hopes of hitting it big in the IT industry – and I’m thinking GLOBAL.

Hopefully, the team can create a fool proof plan to showcase such an event and basically gather a good number of sponsorships and interested crowd for the 2 days. If anyone’s interested to join the expo, please contact Department of Trade and Industry here in Dumaguete for more details. 🙂

2nd Day Woes…

It’s my second day out of the office and it’s getting boring…

I often wonder how my twin brother lives like this… hehehe… Well, I’m the kind of person who always does something and being at home makes me sick of staying at home doing exactly nothing.

The idea of life for me I guess has become of a workaholic guy driven by performance and results. I hate to admit it, but the last time I had a long vacation leave got me sick to the extent of having to spend so much with my medicines.

So, this time, instead of going out of Negros I decided to stay at home and be a homebuddy for awhile…not entirely though, I’ve been out in the house for the entire day visiting my lola and finding time to chat and make blog entries. 🙂

I kind of wonder, I just had one reply for the query I had the other day in “Blog Events for Dumagueteños” aren’t there anyone from Dumaguete or Negros Oriental that has an interest in Blogs?

Anyway, I’ll just wait and see… It might be good to do it during Christmas Time… 🙂

A Blog Event For Dumaguete???

What do you think?

Will such an event spark up something for the blogger community here in Dumaguete?

Hhhmmm…I think this will take much preparation but can be a very good opportunity to promote and take time to get acquainted and make friends.

It’s enticing to read about events sponsored by big companies for bloggers announced in PinoyBlogero. But since Dumaguete is small and food consumption is cheap, I guess we can manage to do it using our own pockets for the mean time. ( I sound realistic…argh…)

Now the question is… who can I coordinate with to push for this endeavor?

Anyone out there with the same ideas, please raise your hat and be heared…

13th Uni Games Opens today!

It’s a sunny day in Dumaguete and the streets are busy cleaning up after the Buglasan 2008 showdown celebration. As Buglasan comes to a close tomorrow, the 13th Philippines University Games opens up at 3:00pm today, October 25th, 2008.

What’s interesting about this event is that athletes coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao comes in the small university town of Dumaguete to compete among the different schools in the country.

According to their blogsite – The 13th Philippines University Games, everything started at USLS Bacolod, below is the excerpt from the site about a brief history of the University Games:

“The 13th Philippine University Games will be hosted by Dumaguete City. The UNIGAMES is the only national collegiate sports competition which started 1996 in USLS Bacolod City. This gathers together the finest varsity athletes from private and government universities from all over the country in the spirit of fair play, friendship and top-caliber competition. Through the years, the UNIGAMES has served as feeder for our different national teams representing the Philippines in the Olympics, the Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games and other international sports competitions.

There are 12 sports discipline to be take part in the said event, these are the ; Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Football, Lawn Tennis, Sepak Takraw, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Beach Volleyball…”

This year’s activity confirms 20 school and colleges in the Philippines to compete among the best and be crowned as the BEST SCHOOL for each category. I guess all sports enthusiast in Dumaguete will be on their feet making sure they can’t miss the games of their favorite teams or crushes for this week. Hehehe…

See you at the UNIGAMES 2008!

The Buglasan Craze!

Yesterday was the opening of the long awaited provincewide celebration in Oriental Negros – The Buglasan Festival!

This event showcase the different variety of products, people and traditions of the Negros towns and cities. Unfortunately, I was not able to visit the Sidlakang Negros because of work I was able to listen to chit chats of friends having the place engulfed with people from all walks of life seeing the opening of the festival.

How it all started

“In olden times the island of Negros was referred to as Buglas, after the tall reeds that predominated. A map said to have been drawn by Diego Lope Povedano dated 1572 shows an island named BUGLAS INSULIS.

The crewmen of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, while anchored in Bohol in 1572, reconnoitered Buglas and encountered dark-skinned natives. They renamed the island NEGROS. In 1981 Foundation University and the Balikatan sa Kaunlaran of Negros Oriental, upon consultations with Bayanihan founder-choreographer Lucresia Reyes-Urtula, organized an activity that would choose the performing group to represent the province in the National Folk Arts Festival of Mrs. Imelda Marcos. The activity was called “Buglasan” in memory of the island’s beginnings, its early cultural character

Buglasan was dormant for many years until 1990, when it was revived as part of Negros Oriental’s centennial as a province. Buglasan was applied to the entire celebration. It has since evolved into a “Festival of Festivals,” bringing together the finest street dancing contingents of Negros Oriental’s twenty established festivals for a day of competitions…”

This Year’s Event

So, what’s in store for this year?

Alt hough I am not sure if I can always visit Sidlakang Negros and take peak of the grandeur of the activities, I’d go for some of the activities that might interest someone like me for some reasons.

Here are some events I’d take time to watch if I’m free –

Oct 18:
Lutong Garbo sa Sidlakang Negros – nothing beats a hungry stomach than tasting native delicacies from town to town! Don’t waste your time eating fasfood meals during this event because you’d surely miss the food the province has to offer. Of course, who wouldn’t miss the “budbod” of Tanjay which has been known by it’s equisite tasted of boiled rice in coconut milk.

Balak and Balitw Competitions – I don’t know what balitw is but I know “balak” is the traditional way how guys court the ladies before. This gives us a glimpse of how in oldent times text messaging and chat is not an esssential part of a relationship. Just a note, words from our mouth still does the magic to change someones heart.

Oct 20:
Live Band Competition – This is a good avenue of rising talents in Negros Oriental as well as showcase the love of the arts and music for this generation. Although I wouldn’t recommend the older ones to attend, why not try out the night and jam with the gang and be “young at heart”.

Oct 21:
Buglasan Rap – I wonder how this event will come out… But ey, with rap music rising in the Philipines music scene, an activity like this opens up to a lot of opportunities.

Oct 22:
International Students Night – Check this out! I dont remember this event last year… Hopefully this activity opens the eyes of both local and international students of Dumaguete being a University town not just because of the area being filled with schools but that they belowng to a school where education is a main priority.

Oct 24:
Festival of Festivals Show Down & Festival of Festivals Streetdance – these 2 goes hand in hand. WItness the color and arts of the Negrenses as they showcase their town’s traditional dances ( not sure though…) and artistry in the streets of Dumaguete City.

Oct 25:
Cheerdance Compeditions – I’ll go to this activity because some of my friends are in the competition.

Oct 26:
Outstanding Oriental Negrense Awards
Chinese Pyrotechnics Exhibition

The last two I guess are an opportunity to see the beautiful fireworks as a closing remark of a long celebration and thanksgiving. And presenting the awards to outstanding awards is an oportunity to showcase not just beauty and grandeur of Negros but also a place where outstanding people live and dwell.

What are you waiting for?

Be here or be square! This is an event you cant miss and an opportunity to travel in Negros with an exciting event going on. I tell you, coming over here is and will never be a waste of time,effort and money!

Special thanks to the following sites –