Christmas Season: A Personal Persepective

I often wonder how we view Christmas here in the Philippines. As seen on tv shows and print ads, Christmas has become a bazaar of gift giving and party and all that stuff. Although I have to admit that having all these makes Christmas more fun and exciting to at most of the time, but how do we really know the essence of Christmas in the reality of our current situations?

Christmas in the Philippines has been dubbed as one of the biggest and grandest event in the country. But with the economic blisters we are encountering, I often wonder if ever the same grandeur is felt and dubbed this season.

It was typical before to have all the Christmas lights scattered across the house in full color, having the lights turned on up to the wee hours of the night or early dawn. Wherein local parks and malls spectacle on the luxurious presentations of glittering lights at the start of the night.

Christmas before overcrowds malls and flee markets to buy gifts. I often dream about those good old days wherein I was tagged along at a local mall to buy the gifts and noche buena delights.

Forgive me for dwelling on these things…let me get back to my question earlier, how do we really know the essence of Christmas in the reality of our current situations?

Christmas is not just a season of giving but also a season of thanksgiving. Although we celebrate new year with a bang, its usually Christmas time when we celebrate all blessings the Lord has given us by uttering prayers of joy and thanks to our Creator and King.

It’s a time to understand that its not because of us that what we have accomplished that matters but of how the Lord has worked through us and helped us through the tough and bad times, as well as the good and joyous ones!

Hopefully, with our economic crisis and to any of our challenges individually, we will see Christmas as a time of evaluating, reflecting and be grateful that “HE (indeed HE alone) is able to do greater things for us…” and for that, I will SAY, AMEN!


Of Love and Relationships

I often wonder sometimes how life can be so ironic. People asks you questions that seems to be answerable for us and yet, we ourselves are bounded by our very own issues we often need an answer from someone.

I was asked by a friend earlier through a text message if ever “She should fight for him? Or let go?” and my answer was quite surprising even to me.

I told her that “it will still be your choice… fighting for someone may not mean winning it but at least trying to do d most makes it worthwhile.” Not later than 20 seconds that I received quite a favorable thanks for the enlightenment that I found myself questioning the same things over.

I often wonder whether to get back to that special someone whom I lost track with because of so many things in my life. Couldn’t resist the feeling of being afraid to be in a relationship – afraid of the commitment and the fears of finding the right person.

Upon seeing many things in perspective, I am in a way perplexed with my own stand about love and relationships yet feel adequate to answer a few questions by those that are younger than me. I often wonder how many of us guys really does have the courage to stand for the one we love and speak of the things we desire for the future. How in many things, women who has this desire to meet the prince charming in any novels and fairy tales can be counted few to the modern reality of life.

Crazy as this may sound, finding a relationship right now is not in my list maybe, just maybe, because of fear -not of being rejected, but of the future as well.


I always wonder how I would look like if I become one of those “emo” guys on the street. Long sided hair, dark-lined eyes, lipsticks? (black?) How about wearing those hood jackets with stripes all over? Or perhaps wearing those tight levi’s jeans and chuck taylor boots? (I’m wondering If I look good on that though…)

A lot has been going on that You can’t expect me to become too emotional – to the extent of looking like one!

But honestly speaking, I hate people who are careless of other people’s feeling. If I could sum up everything that happened this past few days, it’s this – UNFAIR.

UNFAIR because People speaks first, BEFORE THINKING it through.





Can life be really unfair? Or is it just how we perceive things that makes it look unfair?

In all of these, I believe LIFE is unfair, not by CHANCE but by how You and me makes choices that either breaks or makes another person’s life miserable. I’m thinking that being UNFAIR is a man-made choice wherein all of us, in all walks of life chooses to do something not for others, but for what we think is fair for us regardless of what the OUTCOME may be.

But the question really is, in all of the unfairness in life, how do we make life fair not just for us, but for everyone else out there, who thinks the same? Life indeed is a mystery, because even us can’t determine such answer.

Just This Saturday

My entire Saturday seems to be mundane as usual. Just to make something out of my boredom, I tried taking pictures in the downtown area, discretely as possible. Imagine myself stopping in front of Ever Mall just to get a shot of the people walking around or leaping at the glass window up in Super Lee to get a shot downward. Hehehe…

At EverMall, It was fast so it seems too blurry.

At Lee Super Plaza FoodCourt

I ate up the whole ice cream choco sundae

A view of Mart One from the Top ( Lee)

On the Left side of the window…
Taken infront of the office at exactly 11:40 something in the morning, Sat. Nov. 22,2008

Anyway, just sharing with you some amateur pics taken by me earlier…Would it be fine to say here that someone invited me supposedly to join a pictorial session for a fashion show at the Negros Convention Center but I declined? Uhm, Don’t really have the guts to go pro for now…especially, “pro bono” hehehe…

Happy Saturday Weeknight Everyone!!!

Negros Blog Rolls: Are You “In” or “Out”?

Blogging can be really addictive like friendster and other networking sites. But how does a blogger commune with other bloggers in one area?

If you’re on the same dilemma as we are, then cheer up – There’s hope!

There are other bloggers who are into this too! So with this in mind, I’ve created a particular networking website named – “Negros BlogRolls” to suffice the need about meeting friends and bloggers in the area. I would like to reiterate that this blog community will be solely for bloggers (amateur or professional) from the area and not any other networking site you have in mind.

The goal of the community is to gather a good number of bloggers in the area where we can communicate, share posts and learn about tips and tricks in hitting it big in the world of blogging.
(and of course, among other things…)

And by the way, Kam, another blogger who is calling out all the bloggers from Dumaguete and Neighboring areas to gather and create the core group to make spark something good for all of us. If you are interested, you may visit her blog or send her an email c/o

So, what are you waiting for? Are YOU “in” or “out”?

Spread the news and be part of blog history in the making! Hope you’d also check the community – NegrosBlogRolls!

Just an Early Hue…

I was up early because I wanted to upload my new pics online at friendster and in hot dumagueteños as well. Unfortunately, Friendster is down so I decided to upload it in Flickr and get back to it as soon as the network is done with their maintenance.

By the way, Hot Dumagueteños is at 13 members, unfortunately, most are not from Dumaguete… Bad me! I forgot to double check my emails before sending the automatic invite of the website. Tsk…Tsk…Tsk…

Anyway, this can also be a good avenue of us ( from here) showing them what we can be and what we have as “people of the province” ( Yikes!)

Out of the total 13 members, I know of only 3 who are from here and 1 of them is in the KSA working. ( Hi EPpie!!!)

So, where are the rest of the hot dumaagueteños? Hhhmmm….

Here is one latest pic I got after taking a bath… Hehehe… ( What an ending!) Ain’t it hot? joke!!!

The problem with this picture is that I took it inside the bathroom and the bowl is at sight! (Gosh!)

Anyway, It’s still is a good take!


What Makes a REAL Man?

It has been long debated of what marks a man. is it the way he moves? the words he speaks or even the good or the bad things he decided to do makes him a real man?

To many of us, a man showing emotions can be a very evident fact of him being a wimp, a sissy or a failure. Regardless of what their reasons are, men has been regarded as strong and invulnerable to emotional attacks. But sometimes, these facts or fallacies sometimes become scapegoats to showing what’s real and what’s true in all aspects of being a man. And should I add – A REAL MAN.

A real man for me is someone who has the capacity to show care and comfort to whom he loves. Much more, show teardrops when the situation needs it.

For such a long time, crying has been disregarded as a man’s weak point but in reality, it’s the strongest that he can get. Shedding tears is a sign of being created by God with emotions and the right DNA structure including the capacity to cry, feel and be hurt.

Being Honest is not a crime –

If you ask me if I cry, I’d say yes. I cry for the right reasons and for the right people. To a guy, crying is an expression of being real with what they feel. It’s as if saying – I’m sorry, I miss you and the like. It’s an emotional expression of being true to what you feel and taking away the barriers of cynicism, lies and deceit.

If you ask me if I’ve been hurt, I’d say yes. I’ve been hurt by my loved ones, by a friend and a special someone. Like many girls saying they have been hurt before – so do we as guys. A man’s heart is torn when someone leaves him for good, a guy’s perspective is perplexed when the hope of his dreams are shattered and especially, a boy’s feelings is wounded when everyone laughs at him because of being afraid.

The Truth Vs. The Lies

Sometimes, our society’s idealism kills us to being true to ourselves. This has become a lie to dormant that it’s like being the truth instead of the lies.

And what lie is that?

That in reality, a guy who cries shows the real him, unmasked of all the coated lies men and women from decades ago created to hide reality in all of us. There is no difference or even an alteration of his being a man when he shows emotion at the right time.

If you ask me, men who disregards cries and hurts of others are men, who in the history of mankind be forever known as people who started the holocaust, people who have been thirsty for blood that they have closed their hearts to the reality of emotions and created war.

So, what really makes a man?

It’s the heart to be open and be real with his emotions. It’s the fact that in this world, he doesn’t regard crying as for sissies and being hurt as a man’s indication of a failure.

A man, if you ask me, is a person who has the guts, like many of us, cry even after seeing a family movie that speaks of love and hope for men like us. 😉

Love but not trust.

I often question my own relationships with everyone else. It’s as if I’m not doing my part as a brother or a friend or a special someone good enough that trust seems to be so hard for them to give back.

Can love be given out without giving trust also to someone?

I assume that immature love can sometimes be like that – giving out love but not trusting. How often do we expect someone to love us back because they trust us we don’t break their hearts? Sad as it is, to many of us,love can be just a sick game played by two lustful individuals whose lust is coated by “sugar and spice and everything nice”…Duh!

How do I often hear someone say about love giving their best to someone and yet during break-up often lays down the cards of why the break-up should happen? Guys or gals are the same I presume when the spark has ended and the gloomy relationship has started to emerge in full bloomn we often hit it big with the reason why the other should be blame and not us.

In reality, what I am implying are not merely words from a brokenhearted guy but a sad reality for being in love and yet, ending up torned more than ever because someone forgot to include trust when it all started way back then.

Can time really heal all wounds? Or is it just a tagline for everyone elses idea of forgetting what has happened, as if nothing ever did happen.

Silly me,I’m a guy who has so many trials and yet, here I am, so depressed and hurtful for the things that life has given me. In all of these, where is me when all has been given to love but not trust. Sigh…

The Dillema of Weights!

I’m getting fatter everyday and I hate it. My dillema is not the necessity to stop eating but the need for excercise to loose the fattenings. (haha…)

So, how do I get to do the thinning cycle when I don’t have the time ( or so, i think!) to excercise and be fit?

With this dillema comes the plan (or hopeful plan…) to get fit and lose weight, and hopefully stay thin for awhile.

The only funny thing I guess is the idea of me wanting to get some meat in me that I started to eat much, eat whatever things to gain weight and look good in it. But I guess, like anyone would say, We don’t get satisfied over it that we tend to have more…and more…and more!

So, when my tummy gets wider and my face gets round, people advises me to lose weight, others would say to stay at that point – dont go over or beyond that scale. ( As if that will happen!)

But with all this, I guess my own problem is that I dont eat the right food, and has a sleaky diet. My co-worker and friend Kathy told me to be careful with the things I eat because I’m always having LBM and I’d say yes, she’s correct. (Ouch!)

Friends, I’ve written this blog to document everything for my goal before the year ends – lose weight and be fit.

From time to time, I’ll be posting something about the things I’m doing to be focus and be adamant in losing weight. So, if anyone’s reading this and thinks I’m bluffing, we’ll see in the last Day of December 2008. Hehehe… I’m up for the challenge!

Rumors and Me…

It has been bothering me for quite some time about some rumors that I heared about me. Although friends told me to let it pass by,I can’t possibly do that.

The reason for my choice is because it is affecting me too personally. I hate it when I’mbeing talked about and not just talk but really being pulled down and degraded for such selfish reasons.

I have to admit that I have no holds if someone speaks bad about me, but wouldn’tbe those guys be considerate enough to take me out on their lists as “hot”topics?

If ever, just assuming,I did something wrong to these people,”I’m sorry…” is what I can offer, nothing more – no apologies,no more explaining and definitely no more bargaining.

Peace Out.

Just a Few Hours Before Wedding Time…

I’ll be hosting a wedding reception 2 hours from now and my long sleeve still is wet. Hehehe… After a few hours of choosing which one to wear, I settled for a khaki dirty white colored pants and a light blue long sleeves. I wonder how I look like later on. ( I’ll make sure I’ll take a pic of myself later…)

Well, it seems that my email subscription link doesn’t work. 😦 I was not able to receive an update when I made a late blog entry. Hmmm… I’d better fix this one soon but for now, I have to wrap up and prepare for a long night of witnessing two familiar faces be united.

Just a note, I don’t really know if I’ll be hosting this one…But just in case, I’d be ready and happy to be one. 🙂

Thanks for reading…