About The Blog(ger)

Melankoliko: The AlterEgo Project is a personal blog used by the author to share his thoughts, whims and among other things he could think of through the years.

The blog started around late 2004 and shared his suppressed ideas growing up. It was the best decision he had ever made so far. It was good enough that he was able to maintain it through the years by pouring out everything he thought was and still is important in his life.

The blog promises to uplift, edify and encourage people from all walks of life by the very message I received when he was still 13 years old.

He also authors the blog The Forerunners with the vision to equip the younger generation for the great harvest of souls with articles coming all over the world about the apostolic-prophetic work of God in this season.


My name is Vir,, a single,thirty-something guy who’s passionate about God. I love sharing things and discuss with friends important topics about critical issues in life. I am sometimes quoted for the wrong reasons because of my stand.

I spent almost 5 years in the city of smiles, Bacolod City working in one of the top BPO players in the market. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I’ve moved back to Dumaguete and currently heads the sourcing and marketing group in a local call center. I’ve been marketing & sourcing specialist for almost 10 years in total focusing on volume-hiring in the call center setting.

I dream of standing in big stadium filled with young people, speaking about the countless times God intervenes in our own personal misgivings. My prayer is that the messages and articles of this blog challenges you to become the next generation of leaders and world shakers this world has ever known.



  1. Hi Vir! thanks for accepting my request to join the group sa fb. 🙂
    glad to know na Negrense ka. I miss Negros soooooo much!

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