When Work Has Its Challenges…


We face difficulties and challenges differently. I for one would strategize how to get out of the situation, create resolutions and start working to sort things out. But other people respond differently. A friend of mine usually tries to detach herself to people when faced with challenges while another one, bursts out in discouragement and talks about it to everyone he meets.

Regardless of the challenges, one thing is for sure, our attitude determines our response to the situation. Responding negatively only brings more problems and frustration while responding the positive way helps fix the situation. We need to become part of the solution and not the problem.

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. -Hans Selye

Here are a couple of things I am learning while experiencing the challenges:

  1. Listen to other people’s concern but never retaliate – LISTEN. It pays to listen to a co-worker when they are venting out their frustrations. Although it might push us to retaliate when words gets very sharp but having the patience to sit for some time and know the root cause can help us better understand the situation.
  2. Affirm the other person’s point of view but rebuke when needed – the person will keep on telling the group that he or she is right. Regardless of how negative this may sound, affirming their remarks and observations helps the person to open up. We need to understand that this gives us the edge to also give our side of the observation. It becomes different when the person now pinpoints other people’s mistakes instead on focusing on what really is going on. That’s when rebuke comes in. I always remind myself to “rebuke with love” – the statement may be hard to take but sharing it the right way, without raising your voice and using right words that brings clarity not hatred matters.
  3. Always be cool-headed when talking to someone – having two hot-headed people in one room is too much. Someone will retaliate at any moment. According to my favorite author Zig Ziglar “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude…” and being cool even when discussing hot issues gives balance and resolution always.
  4. If needed, we need to be firm with what needs to be done and get both side’s commitment – verbalizing our comments, commitment and even with a simple “yes” or “no” can level the game. It always takes two or more people to fix the issue; it can never be resolved with you just absorbing everything. You need to tell the right people and discuss resolutions. Get the commitment of the person concerned to “move on” and do something about it and if possible, not talk about it anymore in a negative way.

I hope the things I’ve shared help. And if it does, please let me know! 😉


The Visayas Blog Awards 2011

The Visayas Blog Awards 2011 is now gearing-up for the November 12 event where bloggers from the provinces within the Visayas gather together and bring the best of the best for the different categories and awards the Philippine blogosphere has to offer.

VBA 2011 Poster courtesy of Mark Will Magallanes of Republica Negrense

This year’s event will be held at the heritage City of Silay. According to Wikipedia, the city is best referred as the “Paris of Negros” due to its large collection of perfectly preserved heritage houses within the city. More than thirty of these houses have been declared as historical landmarks not just in Negros. Silay is the second Philippine city to have been declared a museum city, next to Vigan in Ilocos Sur.

Surely, the city is the best venue for such a historic event for the Negros Bloggers, a non-profit blogging society in Negros.

(Updates to follow)

The 2011 Visayas Blogging Summit

It’s a crazy November for all Blogging “rascals” (like me) as everyone is buzzing on the upcoming Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 in the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. This year’s event will be hosted by the Cebu Bloggers team who are best known for such events like World Bloggers’ Day and Best Cebu Blogs Awards respectively.

Picture Courtesy of VBS2011 site

Last year, the 2010 Visayas Blog Awards and Blogging Summit was hosted by the Iloilo Bloggers in Iloilo City wherein it gathered bloggers from Visayas, a few people from Mindanao and Manila.

With Cebu Bloggers handling this year’s event, I bet there will be more participants coming from different areas in the Visayas, specifically in the provinces of Leyte, Samar, Bohol, Dumaguete and Bacolod. It is also one airplane away from Iloilo City and the Mindanao area respectively.

The Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 will be held at SM City Cebu and will start from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What to expect during the event

On it’s official page at the Cebu Bloggers site, they gave a bird’s eye view on what to expect for the upcoming event. Below is an excerpt from the About Page I manage to read earlier:

cebu copy 300x168 ABOUT

This year, CBSi is taking another step ahead as the organizer of the largest social media and blogging summit in the Philippines – 2nd VISAYAS BLOGGING SUMMIT. The said event is set on November 26, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and expected to draw around 300 bloggers all over the Philippines.

This year, the VBS 2011 organizers are taking a step forward by providing our participants world-class talks that will better improve their craft as social media users.

With our topics and talks ranging from Personal Bloggging,Professional BloggingSocial Media Marketing for Business andSocial Media Responsibility, we are drawing not only ordinary social media users but professionals and small and medium size entrepreneurs also.

If you’re interested on what you can get more during the event, you may visit the site here – The Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 or register for the event by clicking here.

The 2011 Visayas Blogging Summit is sponsored by the following counterparts:

If you’re interested to support the said event, the Cebu Bloggers team are still actively looking for sponsors and partners. You may click below for more details:

So,what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the sights and unique wonders that Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan Cebú has to offer while learning new things about the wonders of blogging. Book your flights now!

Life and the Word “Meaningless”

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

The Author of Ecclesiastes (King Solomon) was definitely correct when he mentioned doing so many things yet it becomes a meaningless effort by the end of the day (or at one’s life). And as much as I want to be secretive about this, I often experience feeling “meaningless” most of the time.

There can be a lot of reasons why we feel that way. It can be with stress due to work, a family problem or even a health problem. Nevertheless, we need to be reminded that God has given us one life to live and it should be spent wisely and meaningfully from day one to eternity.

I remember my boss’ advice in one learning session wherein he told us the importance of defining what’s important and urgent and identify things that are not important or urgent and make use of our time wisely. For us christians, we call this discernment.

This will not only lessen the time we consume over unnecessary tasks, it can also help be organized with our time and work.  It can also give us ample time to enjoy, have fun and get revitalized since life is not always about work and careers after all.

God has given us opportunities to enjoy work and provide for our family but He also gave us opportunities in life for leisure as well. The same author gave us a solid advice on how we can go about this –

“So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun…” – Ecclesiastes 8:15

Let us then be reminded to not just stay focused with work but take time to enjoy and be with friends and family. Work will always be there but our missed opportunity to spend quality time with our close friends and family can never be retrieved or paid by the things we achieve at work.

Our world can be so hectic that we often neglect the importance of sitting still or have fun. It is always important to make time to relax and forget about our work and family problems and focus on the happy side of life. If we spend time off from work, we get refreshed, refocused and revitalized to do more and be more for the challenges we face daily.

My friends and I usually talk about what will happen when we have gray hairs and sit by and talk about some stuff. We often enjoy sharing our stories about sitting at the side of the beach, discussing about the good old days and our experiences.

We often laugh about the idea of our grandchildren bringing us to our favorite spot and spend quality time with one another after years of work, family life and among other things. There came a point wherein all of us shared one thing that we want to do and leave as a legacy. Although not all of us have the same desires, we dreamed of sitting down one day when we are old and with gray hair and tell our younger generation about life experiences and give sound advice to their own dilemmas as well.

I’m excited when that time comes, it is an opportunity to share, reflect and agree to King Solomon’s wisdom on life, aging and fullness.

Does My Blog Makes Sense?

I’ve been busy with work lately that my only consolation is reading blogs from the internet during my free time. If you check out my inbox lately, you’ll find RSS feeds and subscription from personal blogs to religious and among other things.

I find myself interested to a variety of stories and blog posts and I have to agree, there are a lot of great bloggers out there. It also made me realize that even though blogging is sometimes used for business, personal blogs often outweighs these kind of blogs mainly because it shares something personal and from experience.

His Blog, MY BLOG

I remember a workmate and a former blogger (well, he doesn’t update it anymore since his trip in China!) telling me to write topics like the other blogger both of us were following. I tried browsing through this author’s pages and found out that he writes really well. The only problem is that this person seems to be very melancholic (like me) and unfortunately,was hurt by many things in his past.

As much as I admire blogs that speaks their heart out, I pray that they may find peace and hope in their situations and learn to turn the situation positively.

Enough with that blog, and get on with this blog post.

Now, now…I’m not babbling about insecurity here. As much as I want to follow my friend’s advice, I don’t think its appropriate for me to do such a thing because others want me to. I mean, blogs are made for bloggers and it offers us the opportunity to share anything personal – be it updates or a long post about something.

God gave me this opportunity to write because I want to share something that is from me for others. I want to share insights on who GOD is and what HE can do for us and to us if we allow HIM to.

I also write differently from other bloggers. I don’t consider myself a professional writer (not yet!) but many people compliments the way I write.

And of course, break away from melancholy and just share it to the world no matter what the topic is all about.

NOW,  my question is, with a lot of blogs out there, how do we really find blogs that makes sense?

If asked to what really matters when it comes to blogging, I’d say it’s more on it’s content, the credibility of the blogger and of course, how he is able to touch his readers whether positively or negatively. (But I’d rather impact someone positively!)

So my friends and dear blog readers, you be the judge if my blog fits for these 3 important aspects of any blog and give me a comment about what you think about this topic, I would appreciate your thoughts on this one as well.

Thank you for reading!

Updates for Melankoliko and some thoughts on CHANGE.


The Blog Layout

I believe some of you noticed the changes in Melankoliko lately. For one, the blog layout has been reverted to the earlier version for now. And I have to agree with the comment of one reader, it did help a lot in choosing bright colors. The views increased interestingly. 🙂

The Blog Title

Another thing that you might notice is that the blog title itself was changed as well from “Melankoliko: The Chronicles of A Pinoy Melancholic” to “Melankoliko Dialogo: Sharing Life Lessons and Beyond”. The purpose of which is to remind ME always that when I share my stories, I always make sure that I include lessons I’ve learned through it.

The Blog Entries

I’ve also  started sharing my devotionals in the site but with my busyness comes the reality that I can’t handle more than one site for now. I can’t promise to share my devotional on a daily basis but rest assured that I will continually find time to have my quiet time and share it to you guys.

The Blogger’s Life

I also restarted my quiet time after a long hiatus. My goal this year is to have constant devotionals on a daily basis. I need to be filled with God’s word in order for me to share insights and teachings to others. I don’t want to go for self-help books (although they are helpful) for nothing beats getting it directly from the source!

I just realized that change is constant in our lives. All of us experienced change one time or another and we respond to it differently. My brother and I respond to changes in our lives differently but usually comes up with the same conclusion – GOD IS GOOD.

For the past 3-5 years that I’ve been working, I have to admit that some of those changes were more on business maturity, I believe God used those opportunities to mold me and bring in the self-confidence. Although I noticed a decline in my church involvement yet my passion for ministry is still there and I make every effort to help-out as much as possible.

I also noticed changes in my features. I was a skinny guy before and now I gained weight and is praying to lose some of it. I’m lighter in complexion now and of course, I look better as before. I already know how to dress-up and be confident with using vests, long sleeves and stand up with the right attitude. (It’s required in the company you know!)

Lastly, I noticed that I changed in the way I do things. I became more rational and my critical thinking skills have leveled-up. I also realized that my goals have changed slightly and it became more bigger.

And in all these thoughts, I believe I’m changing for the better because God is doing something inside me. All these opportunities came from my Father in heaven who takes care of me. He is indeed good,is good and will remain good all the days of my life.

Thanks for reading!

Devotional: Make Effort for Peace

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace…” – Apostle Paul, Ephesians 4: 2-3

We often deal with issues and challenges that makes us lose control and get irritated. I for one gets erratic when pressured and I couldn’t help but be silly at times.

But the Apostle Paul urges us to be humble and gentle. This means that we are to make every effort to remain humble and gentle no matter what situations we are into. Coping with pressure is hard and to remain our composure and be gentle to other people takes a lot of effort.

Another thing that I am reminded of is being patient, I am asked not just to remain humble and gentle but to learn how to wait, even when I know I can do it on my own. I guess all of us becomes like that when we are in critical situations, my only problem is that we often choose short-lived solutions that we forget to see how we can resolve the issue.

One great example is what I did yesterday. I wanted to close the issue immediately and became impatient that I agreed to do some stuff without waiting for the advice from my supervisor. Although I was able to resolve the issue, I was on the verge of doing something that might possibly have a bigger impact (bad) for the company.

Learning to be patient and gentle for peace sake is hard but the Apostle Paul compels us to do so. And I definitely agree that we have to maintain our composure even when pressures and criticisms are along the way. Although our surrounding might want to kill our suggestions, let us minister to them through the fruits of the spirit. Let us become a witness of Christ’s character that every believer should have.

In ending, let me share to you one example on how I did yesterday just to maintain peace in the situation especially when critical issues are a big concern.


Dealing with a lot of things and with people of different personalities is hard. I’m the kind of person that can easily deal with people but not with criticisms. I find criticisms as a challenge yet I often think about it most of the time. It allows me to see some options, weigh things down and do something about it. I’m a passive person when it comes to fighting but I remain steadfast to my principles especially with work.

Doing that sometimes complicates the situation. There are times that my team mates would ask me to push for something that is not aligned with the process. As much as I want to please them, I often tell them about the process and it creates conflict.

In order to pacify the situation, I usually give them other options and do everything to see that these options are practical, more convenient and economical. I also informed them that pushing through with the suggestions that they gave may add more problems later on especially that the issue has not been closed.

Although not everyone agreed on my suggestion, I was able to close the issue with less complications and doing it the right way. I received an email after that from another team mate that says “thank you and I’m proud of you”, a text from another team mate that says “great job Vir for closing the issues earlier!” and another hug and compliment from a team mate for a job well done.

So you see, the issue became an opportunity for me to learn how to be patient and maintain composure. It also taught me the value of speaking my mind out in a gentler way, resolving the situation and maintaining the relationship that I have with my team mates.

My encouragement to all of us to make every effort not just to remain gentle and patient but to maintain peace, this way, we become an effective testimony of a changed life and of Christ.

Thank you for reading!

Narci Mode

As the gloomy sky covers Tanjay City, I was so vibrant in taking another pictorial session with myself using a sony ericsson cybershot phone. I edited the pictures a little adjusting the contrast and color scheme using the Microsoft Office Image Editor. And yes folks, it’s all me.





Sorry for the “narci mode” but it’s what you get when you’re bored and at home. Hehehe…

No More Saturday Work!!!

At last work will not be toxic anymore! ( Uhm, at least for a month or two…hehehe!)

I just got the confirmation yesterday that we wont be having the Saturday duty  to process applicants. Although I find the news disturbing in a way, nevertheless, it means that I have less workload for the next few weeks. And it’s always great to be a slack sometimes especially when you’re always working until saturdays for the last 6 months or so. 😦

So, what can I do with an extra day off to work?

Of course, I will have the time to relax and go somewhere else again (and I’m thinking Bacolod…) since my vacation leave has been approved already! Wohoo!

Bacolod has been a cozy haven ever since I started with Sourcing and especially when toxicity is way too high. I’ve been there for 4 or 5 times already since last year, staying there for almost 3 days the most visiting friends and relatives. For this weekend, I plan to stay there for at least 2 days for fun and relaxation. A good friend invited me to Mambukal and I might accept the offer provided that I have the means to go there. (Of which I’ll know, not later than tomorrow afternoon. 🙂 )

For now, I still need to finish some reports and deal with some other stuff before that great and long weekend arrives! 😉 (Geeeshhh, I hope I won’t be toxic again!)

Thanks for reading!

Operation: Passion Hunting

I’ve been thinking lately on what to do that could stir some passion in me aside from blogging. It’s sometimes hard to think over what I can do productively these days with work lurking in most of the time. With the summer time closing in fast, I think I need to have time to enjoy and relax for awhile.

So, what can I do each day that can be a good avenue for fun and  enjoyment? And of course, become a stress reliever as well as productive!

There are 3 things in mind right now that I plan to do –

1. Photography – get into film those funny, wacky and happy moments in life. Of course, this will include photos such as plants, flowers and among other entities in this so called place we call home.As mentioned before, I’m planning to buy a professional camera but for now, I’d stick to my digital camera for this project. (Hahaha, as if I have time to stroll around and take some pictures!)

2. Tone down – I need to lose weight. It’s been bugging me in how I can lose some pounds especially that Bora days are coming! (Hahaha…) But to be honest, it’s making me lazy and sleepy (sakit sa baboy…) most of the time and it’s definitely unproductive on my part. ( Not to mention gaining pounds!)

3.  Read books – it’s been ages that I read a good (or even a bad one) book and I plan to dig deep with the piles of new books that I have and have not read even the introductory part. I may also go back to the “one book-one month” project as I really love to buy and keep books! ( Uhm, I need to get a hold of those books soon…wahahahah [devilish laugh!])

So, what now?

Uhm, actually I plan to do the 3 things I mentioned and I just need to conceptualize in how to manage doing all at the same time on top of work, blogging and among other stuff I think is important. LoL!

Manila: Part of Change…

I have been thinking seriously about relocating to Manila. Although it’s busy out there but the idea of living there for some time is definitely both a challenge and a chance to grow personally. My stay in Dumaguete (or in the province) is both enriching and rewarding but I believe it’s time to embark into a new journey.

I heard a lot of people questioning why people leave or why people choose to move on but the real idea is that it’s part of life. Leaving can and will always be an opportune time to grow and understand that change is constant. It’s also an avenue of molding oneself and creating afresh the things we want to do in life.

Yes of course, there are other things to consider before really going there like work and career opportunities as well as financial stability and many alike. But come to think of it, am I really ready to go back to the “world of busy streets and dangerous sidewalks”? (Sorry for that!)

Funny how growing up in Manila is different from what I see in the open streets. It felt more secure back then and come to think of it, why would I go to somewhere I am not acquainted with for so long? ( Another question!)

To the many people who are (assuming, You really are…) reading this blog entry, please share you’re thoughts about this. Although this is just a thought in the back of my mind, it might come to pass sooner than I can think of. (Cross Fingers!) So please do share some insight over the two questions.

Thanks for your reply!

My View: Manila

Today marks my last day staying in the Metropolitan City of Manila. It sparks good memories staying here as a child and when you’re grown up and back in the city that never sleeps, it’s quite contradicting! Wahahaha!

Although a lot of people are quite excited and jubilant about Pacquiao’s winning feat, I was more on the idea on what I did for the last 3 days aside from the team building! And I’ll share it later on when I arrived in Dumaguete.

Dreams and Reality

I’ve been having problems in sleeping lately. It’s more on the idea that when I get home, I often doze off to sleep only to wake up at early dawn. Many times on this occasion, I don’t usually fell back to sleep but my mind usually wanders on so many things.

It’s funny how each and every single night, you happen to think and think of the same things but ends up not doing anything about it. It’s funnier, that no matter how you want to start doing something about it, we oftentimes don’t see the result. Grrrr….

What am I saying then? Let me ask you one question and see how you’ll answer it – How often do we dream of something and yet it doesn’t come to reality?


Life’s fragile and no matter how we experience it, it will always be about broken dreams.

I believe that dreams are pathways to our unfulfilled goals. I am not sure if there are scientific basis on what I said but I often believe it anyway. Life has it’s own shortcomings that we often fail to realize our goals and expectations. It doesn’t break us but it haunts us to the extent of thinking the “what if’s” in life. Sometimes, it goes on as a dream…and maybe to some, a nightmare.

My dreams, as I always share to others is bigger than myself. And just thinking about it sometimes makes me feel sad and more depressed knowing that I am not able to meet my own standards, as well as getting people to join in the gang. Good dreams or bad dreams, I still long for it to be fulfilled. 😦

Haaaayyyyy…. (Another one,huh…)

Life will always be fragile and no matter how we experience it, it will always be about broken dreams and fulfilled realities. Life is not bounded by our own dreams though but by the reality that God, as dream maker takes and holds control over our lives.

But in all of these, as I always experience, we have to learn how to live with it and also, get over it and do much better next time. And until that next time, I’d still be doing something else than just fulfilling one dream in my lifetime… 😦 And it always makes me sad. 😦 😦 😦

My Blog- Bucket Full of Mishaps????

It’s been a week that I haven’t posted anything interesting in here. I am not pretty sure what to write, I tried doing it last night but I ended up just browsing and not really paying attention to what can be a good post. Grrr…

So, why post now? Actually, I still don’t know what to post…just trying to make my mind think of a better topic. And I think I have one now….or so I think. 😦

Come to think of it, I don’t really know what makes my blog interesting sometimes, at times I consider this as a bucket of heartaches, disillusioned opinions or let’s just say, a diary of every bits and pieces of mistakes that came into places for the last 5 or 6 (sick) years. Sigh…

And so, at the end of the post – I ended up depressed that my blog, for all it’s worth is just a bucket full of mishaps. 😦 But then again, it’s still worth the keeps…. 😉

And isn’t that GREAT?

“My President Per Se…”

Let’s face it – there are a lot of people in this country who wants to be the PRESIDENT of the Philippines. I often wonder why such position is being envied and vye for so many people but then again, who wouldn’t? The influence and money it brings is way too easy to thirst for.   I am no political analyst, but I find it interesting that every time someone takes oath as the next president, after a few months, there are so many issues and comments and sometimes scandals about the presidency. For the next election, I think I’ll be more keen in choosing whom to trust and vote for the seat that says it all.

In lieu of that, I often wonder what 2010 elections will be with the many political icons and wannabees making their way to become famous. Of course, who would forget the exciting times of receiving money from politicians buying our votes!

But come to think of it, in all of these things happening as early as now – what or who will make me vote for him? As an individual, who is not in the media or in any political party, what do I need to know about these people before choosing him or her?

Here are some of the things I am really looking forward t0 –

  • The person’s character – I know it should have been political/govermental prowess as the first bullet but I strongly believe that what I need from someone who will rule over me is the exceptional character – inside and out. A person, who can speak for himself without anything that stains his own personal life whether from his past or for his future. A man of character, for me, is someone who stands firm and solid regardless of what people around him wants him to do or pushes him to do.
  • The person’s influence – of course, someone can be a good talker but if he/she cant influence a few people, I don’t think he can influence this country to spearhead change and good governance.
  • The person’s wisdom – I am not after genius people, because I’ll definitely get a nosebleed, but wisdom, in contrary amazes me. People who are wise in their own means is definitely a person who can speak and do as what he believes is right.
  • The person’s friends – of course, people of influence has friends, and when someone befriends some other person of political value can be a big chunk I need to be careful with. For me, it can ruin him or her for my vote… (LOL!) :p

Of course, there are other things I want for my president but it all boil’s down to this 4. I strongly believe that there is someone out there who can be my best bet but I am uncertain for now if he falls for such 4 categories.

Another thing that I should consider is that with these people running for presidency, how did they affect my life before? and during this crucial year up until the day of the election? (Nice question, I think I know what I’ll blog next time…) 😀

Bad Travel Experience…

I went home to Tanjay yesterday with a good friend, Joel Aba, only to find out I’m in for a really bad travel experience.

As many Tanjayanon’s would know, the polo bridge which has been into reconstruction for ages has been a problem for travellers.  Last night’s experience was one of them. At around 3:00pm yesterday, all vehicles have been rerouted to the Polo plantation because of the temporary bridge’s possible collapse again.

So, Joel and I decided to move along and got into the bumpy road for Tanjay. I kept scolding Joel along the way because he keeps overtaking big trucks, private vehicles and among others and it’s quite dangerous considering the small and rocky road.

We were nearing the cemented road that we came to realized that his motorbike’s got busted. The back tire gave up after the bumpy 30 minutes ride (or was it because I’m heavy? Lol!). We decided to ask help with 2 boys who were eager enough to lead the way for the nearest vulcanizing shop. After 5-10 minutes walk, we found out that they don’t have a “gum” since it was all used up earlier when someone experienced the same dilemma as we did.

How in the world will we be able to go home in the middle of “nowhere”?

Joel decided to leave his motorbike to one of the traffic aide’s house in the area and walk our way to the nearest high way.

Well, God is still good. Instead of us walking for an hour, I accidentally spotted my Uncle’s easy ride and got a free ride from the outskirts of Polo to the city proper.

I told Joel that it was one hell of a luck spotting my uncle in the condensed area. And yes folks, our travel time ended after 3 hours since we got another en route to Barangay Azagra since a pile of sugar cane was scattered on the road to Aschutees…

Travel life can indeed be unpredictable and exciting!