The “UNDAS” Holiday

I still remember my younger years when I play around the cemetery every November 1. I used to play hide and seek and jump around the tombs with my cousins and friends. It was definitely a good memory.

I also remembered doing business out of the melted candles by filling up a tin can and then selling it for a good price (for a kid,P 15.00 was okay!).

Trying to relive those memories let me understand that sometimes our holidays are not to celebrate (or in this case) remember important people in our lives but just to relax and unwind from the busyness of life and skipping diets.

After two blogs about work, it’s time to let go of the bitterness of toxicity and embrace the challenges by placing it in the right hands – God’s.

Church yesterday was also a good experience after a month of not being able to go for Sunday service because of work. I fully understand the reason why God really rested on the 7th day.

For the rest and the Undas holiday,surely this is a great experience!