The Writing About My Melancholy Continues

I am still melancholic but also trying to not think most of the time. To battle my melancholy, I started to write stuff through my instagram posts and found out, I’m not ending with just two posts but a continuous effort to bring out the reason why I’m feeling sad.

A good friend and co-worker asked me why am I being melancholic and asked me “What or who did you remember recently?”

And I blurted out aloud “a lot”. Here’s another melancholic mode instagram post below:

One of the bad side of being melancholic is that you keep thinking even when all the lights are off. I ended up sleeping past 2AM because even when the phone is turned off and my aircon is in full blast, I still keep thinking stuff about work, life, plans and even the past.

There are certain things that is so hard to understand . It ends us with the reality that certain decisions and actions from long ago can have a ripple effect all along, not to mention, consequences. And so does current decisions in life, it will impact my entire life one way or another.

But if in any consolation, the past is past and we can no longer hold dear to what has been done.

The good thing is, God in His loving nature as a Father, redeemed us from our past and reminds us that even in our darkest, He became the light and hope for us through His son.

How then should I act with my #melancholy and #liveout the best in me?

Still, in #melancholic mode and yet, hopeful that by writing what is in my head, helps me jump boat from this #temperament to my #choleric side once again.


When Melancholy Hits You Hard

You probably think that I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time but that’s not the case, or probably the entire scenario…

All of us sometimes needs space to reflect, look back and tries to clear things out. For whatever reasons, it can and helpfully get us back on track.

Since this is a blog about being melancholic, I’ll start by posting what I placed in my instagram account awhile ago. Here it goes:

I woke up with a very heavy feeling today. And yet, my mind wants to remind me that even King David encouraged himself in times of his own despair.

In 1 Samuel 30:6 the author shared “And David was greatly distressed…but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” Life as we know it will always have its ups and downs. We look at it differently and sometimes jokingly. But in the end, it is up to us whether we want to stay where we are or we rise above the situation, continue to pursue the things we love, leave behind the things we fear or start back to step zero.

But it all starts and ends with God.

This is a long post but believe me, I’ll be back to post more #melancholic #musings because #melancholicmode is on and #reflections would jump up here and there.

So,there it is. After trying to overcome the sad melancholic mode for about 6 months, it hit me hard on my birthday that I’ll be forever be “melancholic” and a few days after, got rebuked that when life hits you hard – I don’t need to roll down with it, I need to rise-up, believe in the good things in life, encourage myself and get my act together because I am not yet done.

Promotion, Interviews and Some Other Things In Mind


I had my interview with the senior manager for recruitment operations in another company last night. The interview lasted for 40 minutes and it was focused on how I handle my team, juggling both recruitment and sourcing initiatives and how I’m well adept with recruitment operations and its process.

The only part that I was not sure of is that at the end of the interview, the interviewer mentioned that I’ll take on the lead for the Site Recruitment and Sourcing for the company if identified. This update caught me off guard because what was mentioned on the last interview was that I’ll be focusing on recruiting operations and not sourcing but nevertheless, I know I can handle both efficiently if given the chance.

Although I am still have to wait until Friday this week for the result if I’ll be endorsed to the associate vice-president for another interview, I think I did good with the talk I had with her during the video conference. I know that this may sound weird but I’m actually at peace even when I am uncertain if the interviewer failed me or not.

If given the chance, this is a promotion from being a team supervisor to a lead role. I am excited of the role and I am expectant that if I am the best fit, there will be no hindrances in my application. Not only do I believe this, I am assured that if this is part of God’s plan, it will be given with the best offer they can give to me.

Today, I am assured that if this job is for me – God has a good intention about why I have to wait. I remember praying to Daddy God last Friday that if this is something you want me to do, you’ll move heaven and earth for me to get the next interview done smoothly.

I also had a good talk with my colleague and friend, Salvo, who happens to be my counterpart in Recruitment. Setting his expectations that if I get the role, he has to take the role for both sourcing and recruitment for the mean time. It might be a challenge at first but I know he can do it. But I also said that if I don’t get this job, I am fine in staying put where I am for now.

Lastly, you might probably think what’s got into me that I decided to jump ship from one established role to a new arena. It’s all about leaving my comfort zone. I’ve been doing sourcing and branding for more than 9 years and focusing on recruitment tasks was done on the side line. I want to fully take charge in a recruitment lead role, doing recruitment and process improvement.

Do I have regrets in doing sourcing and marketing? Nope, to be honest, I don’t have one. The interviewer even asked me why I decided to get this role, was it because I was not recognized or if I have any grudges with the management and I told her I don’t have anything against the company or the management. This is more about my desire to grow as a manager and take on a new challenge. I know she was convinced about my answer because she went on to set expectations to what will happen next.

If you have reached this part on reading this blog updates, thank you for taking time. 🙂 I do hope you’ll pray with me about this new opportunity. If I get the job or even if I don’t get it, I’ll be posting it here. This time, this is just a long melancholic post about the things I wanted to share without hesitation or fear.

If you also are in need of advise or just something to share, feel free to post a comment or send me a message. I’ll be glad to be of help and pray with you about it. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Random Musings for the 4th Haul

TopBlog Listing

A few blog posts before, I’ve mentioned that my old blog site was hacked but the good news is I was able to save 98% of everything. Although I’m happy about the changes, I’m sad on the recent listing on Topblogs. I’m currently in the 104th place compared to my previous 36th place. 😦

I guess it will take some time before I get my blog back on track. Hopefully, reach the 50th place before November ends.

The 4th and Last Haul

It’s the 4th day of the long weekend and I’m starting to get bored and wanting to work again. I know, a lot has been going on and I want to be busy with something to take it off my head. Just today, I finally decided to move on and start planning ahead.

One good note is what my brother, Cheeno has texted, he said “It’s already there but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to accept what has happened…“.

It will take time when everyone, including my Papa to accept what has happened and I may never know when will that time be.

November Plans

It’s the first day of November and there’s 2 more holidays coming up! I’m planning to go to Cebu for the Visayan Blogging Summit 2011. I sure hope everything will be okay and that my schedule and pocket will permit me to go there. I wonder what Cebu has to offer when I’m there.

By the way, in case you didn’t know – The Visayas Blog Awards is set and will be held in Silay City. I haven’t met the Negros Bloggers group lately due to my super busy schedule and I sure hope I can help out in little ways.

I’ll post more of these events after lunch since I think my melancholy is back. 😉

Life Realizations [Part 1]- The Financial Aspect

Christmas is a celebration of life. We celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ and feast on the good news of salvation, life and redemption because of what He did on the cross for us.

I just recently read on my facebook about the death of an online friend. I’m not sure if the rumors are true or someone is playing a prank over the life of another, but it made me think over my own life and realized something that I missed for the last 3 or 4 years of my life.

Okay, if you’re a professional you’d probably agree that we have spent most of our times beating deadlines and making sure that we are growing in our career and being the best of what we do.  I live 70% of my daily routine in the office; do some other stuff at 30%.

I know, some of you would say “Get a life…” and yes, I might have missed the point but life for me was work, net and etc.

I want changes by 2010. I’m not saying I’ll quit work or anything; I just want to spend most of my time doing something worthwhile and not spending my time beating deadlines. As this year closes, I’m trying to figure out what I can do for next year that can be an investment for my future.

AE. Get a Financial Life1

To be Financially Stable

I’ve been working selfishly and I just found out that I’m not saving enough. I know, I need to think of ways where I can save and invest perhaps in a small business or two. (Who’s interested for partnership?)

Being financially stable doesn’t necessarily mean I have “muchos dineros” it can also mean having enough for my need without thinking where I’ll get money when the need arises.

It also means I have to be less “burara” in buying stuff and take time to think through the motives why I buy stuff and all. I like it when my Auntie would call me up and talk me out in not buying items I plan to buy. Interesting enough, she definitely has an edge every time she calls. Hehe…Di ba te?

Wise Spending Instincts

Okay, I want to save and be keen in buying things.  Upon reviewing my track record for this year, there was some bad spending.  Definitely need to go for a Personal Finance Workshop wherein I can learn the basics of saving, spending wisely and of course, not depriving myself of anything as well.

Wise spending is the better option. How can I determine if it’s a good buy? Let’s say it all comes back to this particular question we all learned in Sunday school – Is it a want or a need?

A want is particularly something we drool on even if we think we can’t afford it. We want to be “in” and have the latest of things in expense of buying stuff that is not really important as of the moment but nevertheless we want it on our list for Christmas.

A need, on the other hand is something we opt to buy because it’s important. Let’s say it simply as buying the stuff we need on a daily basis and can last long for a year or two or even more. It doesn’t have to be expensive but definitely worth the purpose why I bought it. 🙂

Of course there is a thin red line between differentiating my wants and needs. And I have to be extra careful in choosing as my melancholy can play in my mind making everything as a “need” rather than a “want”.

Investing through Business

My friends and I are planning to have a barkada business in our hometown. I’m not sure what the update for the said proposal is but I’m really interested in looking for a way to start a business by early next year.

My uncle wanted me to stop working and really get serious with my business proposal. And I have to think twice because even I am not that confident if I can manage the business much more expands it. I know that you’d probably say there’s no harm in trying, but if your future is at stake, I guess I have to weigh things down.

But yes, having your own business is a good option as well in saving for the rainy season. It’s actually best option instead of just saving your money in the bank.

The Conclusion

Never buy something out of want, it should be a need and for a good purpose. Save money to become financially stable and invest for my future by venturing into business. Now, I just need to look for ways to have a capital to start the business proposal I had before.

I’ve started this post about life realizations and I’ll try to make a series out of this starting with the financial aspect of my life. Of course, who knows – the next topic might be something interesting as well – like lovelife and all! LoL.

So, how about you? How do you plan to invest for your future? 🙂

Back to Overtimes and Late Nights

I’m still in the office while writing this blog post. I intend to be here until 11pm to finish up something important and urgent. A little free time to post this wouldn’t hurt I suppose.

After a few months of being lax and enjoying no Saturdays and late nights at the office, I suddenly feel dull being back on the OT’s and late nights. With classes to start in 2 weeks time, and a week’s interval every classes until November 9, it’s definitely a bottleneck experience everyday with only 3 in the team.

“Multi-tasking” is the magic word for the 3 of us, all doing initial interviews, test administration and final interviews plus job offers, sourcing activity proposals, reports and among many stuff the team was able to accomplish with a 7 man team. Haha, I’m not grumbling actually…just sharing some things we’re experiencing right now… LoL!

 On a positive note, It’s definitely a good avenue to have extra income but it does give me a tiring day – on a daily basis (here I go again!). Whew!

***Back To Work!!!!