The Life And Tasks Of A Corporate Rat Racer

There are a lot of things in the corporate world that differs from the church setting, specially in the leadership style and in doing things. In the corporate rat race, being a leader is having strong will, sometimes, demanding attitude to make others work their way to fulfilling the goal. Whereas, in church leadership, it’s very much different.

I for one is struggling juggling both. In my corporate work, I am to delegate stuff, make sure we hit the goal or target and has the right to demand people to push their limits to the test. In reality, this is where I struggle the most. I am the kind of person who can work by myself and help people a lot by doing it.


Delegation, in the simplest of terms, is giving the task to someone to accomplish, and this is where I have the weakest point. I sometimes don’t want to delegate because I fear of the outcome.

Another fear that I have is confrontation, I hate to deal with people who has a stronger personality than I have. I mean, I can talk to them head-on but the gruesome idea of discussing the terms and conditions, the reality and the ideals they have in life of a leader seems to be off the bat for me.


But the good thing in our workplace is that after much discussion, re-alignment and more patience, we tend to end up on the same page and make sure that we are more than willing to change, accept our differences and start building each other up. It might be a challenge for me to step up from someone doing stuff to delegating stuff to others but right now, I’m getting the hang of it.

In the christian perspective, we work to provide for ourselves and our family and wherever the Lord has placed us, we need to bear in mind that we all do these things because we want Christ to be known in the marketplace, the domain where the Lord has placed us.

So, with these thoughts I end this blog post, with much relief that I’m doing what is intentionally the right thing to do and not because of a standard the world has to give.

Thank you for reading. 🙂


I Have A Brother Who Keeps

I’ve punched my brother five times in less than a minute. It was out of frustration and hate of the words he said through text. I felt relieved knowing that he didn’t actually hit back.

Guess who’s who on the picture?

The funny thing about our incident last Sunday was that the young people at church was shock why I punched my brother, Kuya Viz and that he didn’t fight back. They kept bugging me why their Kuya Viz didn’t do anything after my actions and I told them that it is how we cope up with our misunderstandings.

My brother is over-protective and he shows “tough love” because he knew for a fact I’m stubborn most of the time. But in the end, we figure things out and after punching him hard, hugged him and everything was fine. Yep, we don’t say “sorry” to each other but deep down inside, we both know how to work things out and keep each other’s back.

Our senior pastor shared about “brother’s keeper” a couple of weeks ago and I totally agree with how she reiterated the story of Cain and Abel. It was to instill in us the idea that regardless of what is happening, at the end of the day, we value and protect each other. That’s how it is with me and my siblings. I thank the Lord for the renewing of my mindset that Viz, tough as he is, has his pure intentions to keep me safe as always.

On that same day, I shared my frustrations and the testimony of how a brotherly love kept me aligned with the things in my life. Viz, on the other hand, shared about why he did it. I know, both of us, at the end of the day, realized that he kept me safe from harm and I kept him in-tuned to the things he is saying.

Why am I sharing it here? Because like me, I know someone out there is reading this who has a sister or a brother that tends to do their own way, even when we correct them. I know it will hurt them but rebuking them in love keeps them safe from harm. Remember Proverbs 27:5 is our basis in doing this – Better is open rebuke than hidden love. 

If you need help on how to bridge back that relationship with your siblings, send me a comment or a private message! I’d love to help out as much as I can! 

Thanks for reading!

Updates and More

The last blog post was way over two months! Anyway,I’ve been wanting to update you guys for a couple of things but didn’t have the time to really sit down and write. 

But here’s an early morning update before I head to work:

Staying Put In Dumaguete

Yes,I’ve made up my mind to stay put because of a couple of things but the main reason is family and promotion at work. I’m now a recruitment officer in my company with a big team.

Being Sick Again

I know I have to take care of my health and I’ve been hearing that all week. But I do hope people will also consider the effort I’m bringing in. I had an infection but was given antibiotics already. The lab results returned normal and the doc didn’t say anything weird.

Fights and Misunderstanding with Bro

I am no longer talking to my twin brother for now. He keeps telling me I’m under his leadership and no one is questioning that but he is close minded and insisting stuff even without having the time to sit down and talk to me. 

One thing he needs to learn about leadership is to learn to listen and not demand to be accepted and followed without questioning.

Letting Go On Boot Camp 2016 Responsibilities

I’m supposed to help with the camp this December but I can’t work with someone who feels he knows better and doesn’t listen to suggestion. And keeps pointing the past to reckon with. 

Lastly, I posted in Facebook that when telling the truth to someone sets people free but how you deliver it hurts the person. And yes, that’s what he did.

With Much Regret And Excitement

I’m sitting here in the office not ready to begin my mid-day work. I spent most of the night thinking through what lies ahead and weigh the pros and cons of my final decision. After much thought, I am more inclined to accept the offer in Bacolod as a sourcing lead for my previous company.

For one, the position offered is for promotion. It’s three steps higher than what I have now. It is also the third offer within the year that I got without applying for the role. I guess, God is trying to give a hint about this promotion ever since I started the year. But learning to see God moving His way beyond my control, I know it’s time for me to take the baton.

Just a quick recap, I got a call a few months back for a Senior Assistant Manager role for Davao, passed all the interviews up to the Senior Vice-President level and was offered a good relocation package and incentive scheme. And after a gruesome one month waiting, I was not allowed to get the job due to family issues.

Another opportunity came for a Recruitment and Sourcing Officer role in one of the big BPO player to start in Cagayan, same story and same outcome – I declined the offer because I was not up to relocate in Cagayan De Oro all by myself.

A good thought for this new journey up ahead

But the offer in Bacolod came like a hope in the midst of my chaos. I want to move out but I felt that the best offer is yet to come. My previous company called me up and asked for an appointment for a quick interview. After that meeting, I gave an amount and guess what, they actually offered much higher than I was expecting.

Uhm, let’s just say P 8,000 higher on top of allowances from the previous offers.

I grabbed the offer and said “yes” but the excitement dies down when everyone in your family once again said “NO”.

Personally, I felt that I need to make some changes because I am stuck here for more than a year now but I felt that there was no growth. With days and nights coming closer to my start date, I feel that I find peace in accepting the offer in Bacolod instead of declining it.

At the end of it all, I am fully convinced that drafting my resignation letter today and submitting it to them by the end of my shift is something I need to do with much regret to leave new friends behind and get excited to what God has in store for me back in Bacolod.

Water Is What I Need

One of my favorite books in the bible is Isaiah. It is filled with a lot of great insights and encouragement of who God is in every situation of our lives – past, present or our future.

The verse above came out of nowhere when I wanted to look for a verse that speaks about hope in a hopeless case situation. And it also reminded me that my momentary trials are opportunities for God to move on my behalf, in my situation and in my future. I may not understand how everything will be accomplished or even how God can intervene but I am rest assured on one thing – He is in control.

A couple of months ago, I started reading an autobiography about Shane Stanford, “A Positive Life” has a lot of insight about God’s plans in a person and his family. His insights and wisdom about life and his situation makes it more interesting. 

Now back to Isaiah… God spoke to His people in a very hopeless situation. Here are a couple of insights I got from this verse:

  1. God’s guidance is always available even in the hardest of times – I am reminded that the word of God is useful to give guidance for all of our needs. In my personal life, it rebukes me, it taught me how to fight the right way and train me for what I am now.
  2. Hope is what waters our inner-being to move forward – I oftentimes feel that my experience will never change. There were times that I felt that I’m going to die. But I started to read the word of God once again. It energized me to not just dwell on my situation but start to fix my life. It was during this time that I started to practice walking, regain my balance in life and regained back my weight.
  3. The Lord’s promises are “yes” and “amen” and my future is His hands – God restored my health, brought back favor in my life and increased my influence in the ministry the Lord has entrusted me.
  4. The outcome will always be positive – God is not just in control, He reigns over all things in my life and because of that, He has completed everything through the cross. My future is secured. 

How about you? What are the things God has been showing you lately through His words? Remember, it waters us to be fully blessed and flourish wherever the Lord has placed us.

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