The Purpose?

when life falls apart, do i have to share it to everyone?

our life has been an open book to our friends…they know our ups and downs…turmoils and pains..joys…desires and even hope.

we always share life because we believe that we are encouraging people through what we have gone through and what we have learned in our life’s journey.

but is the part where everything is dimmmed be part of it? i was asked by our staffworker if i am willing to publish the article/reflection i made for our camp. many were being opened and revealed there that needs to be known only to the circle of few…of almost 45 people only. but would that hinders of what message may it bring?

i am torn between having the shame and the “eyes” of many as they read what i have made…is this part of the sacrifice to enlighten someone?

i believe that i should include it because it gives me the sense that what i have passed is complete and real. that it depicts the real me and the dillemas i am facing.

on the other hand, i am closing in to thinking that life may be peaceful when people across the globe couldn’t read about that part in my life.

what then should i do?

“Lord, of what purpose does this decision has? i am torn because both have the good effect…but of which one is better than the other? may the choice i make honors you and may the message you entails with it become the purpose of why you allowed me to choose over the other…amen…”

Cry out:

there has been so much workloads for the past one month that i have no time to seat and just write something of what is happening to me…to mention, of what lessons i am learning and failures i had gone through.

just one thought: God is good.

in the midst of the storm, there is this light that shines through, the hope to cling on and definitely, the strength to move and continue. i had many mistakes, and i have, to mention fallen again and again, emotionally. i really regret doing this, because of my own self-centered “know-how’s” i have gone to the edge of giving the wrong signals instead of the positive ones. amazing how life can be. life rocks when we fail! and when it falls, it hurts! (sometimes not to me, but to the other person more.)

i am now convinced, that when we do things, even if it has a good cause, we should do it in the terms of God’s strength and wisdom, and not ours. we would fail somehow, and it might be better to understand this, we fail to learn to work in the mantle of his grace and to let God work in us, using His hands through ours.

for now, i am more grateful that the Lord has given me this time, a listening heart and a mind to understand things that he is telling me…i might be stubborn sometimes, but at least…am trying my best to change my mind…and do the right thing.

i would lead worship tomorrow, i just wanted to write this part of my life to outpour this before Him and to anyone who’s reading. this is my cry for help and a cry for wisdom…i know the Lord would do something great and wonderful and i just wanted to unburden myself so that He can fill me up and move me to another place…to the inner room at the temple..where i am to meet him face to face…

“Father, amazing how love in your terms are different and vast than ours…yours is much deeper and more honest, more inclined for us rather than yours…i am amazed again and again on how, a supreme being would hold a frail man like me, and would take anything into consideration just not to let me fall and stumble…thank you, that you are preparing my heart for the breakthrough…and here i am, ready to take it because it is not about me, and what i can do, because it is all about YOU…Amen.”


sometimes we dare speak a word and yet no one listens. we shout and yet, it seems like we are bareley even heared by the person next to us. we dare to stand for anything and our strifes are all but vain.

what has life got to give that we could share? not just share but for people to listen…? we often heared stories- both tearsome and fun, torment and adventure…but what is inside these stories that let our life shudders? or perhaps even dare to hope for?

this is my blog. and i will try to make the most of this life. looking and giving reasons for the things that life may lead or take me.

my reasons might be foolish, others too spiritual and even mundane. but that’s life. it gives me color, not just shades of black and white.

come and join me…

i may write these words…but i can never shout this out. 🙂

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