SWAK BLOG: RABSING -The Music Vlogger!

Try browsing Youtube and you’ll see a lot of people recording their own renditions of their favorite songs. A lot of famous (and not so famous) singers started out as Youtube sensations before taking center stage.

But there are others who doesn’t only record their songs but also create a blog out of it. Vlogs as they call it comprises of blog or video entries who shares their singing to the pinoyblogosphere like Rabsing: The Music Vlogger.

Ricky dela Cruz, a freelance SEO consultant that grew up in Dumaguete City and is now working in Cebu started out the blog around early last year. The author shared his idea of what Rabsing is all about in his About page, and I quote:

RabSing is a Music Vlog composed of songs, song requests, entertainment, musical events, original compositions, poetry, and all other things related to music…and managed by an Amateur Singer and a Frustrated Performer (obviously)…

A combination of a blog and a music video. This is what music vlog means to me, simply a music video blog or blogging about music. The entries that I will be posting here will be my interpretation or version of existing songs, original compositions, concerts and musical events, song requests, and other things that is related to music! I will be The Music Vlogger and this will be one of the BEST MUSIC VLOG ever – The Music Vlogger! ”

His Blog’s Exposure

The blog recently took part in the famous Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010 and was able to be this year’s Top 10 at No. 5.

He currently has 39 followers and based on his comments area, people are really coming to this vlog to listen to his singing.

Ricky actually sings (lol!) anywhere and he’s topless most of the time. I’m not sure if that’s really part of his “set-up” but I think that’s what kept them coming to his vlog again and again.

SWAK Recommendations

Rabsing: The Music Vlogger is definitely worth the watch if you want homemade entertainment just by requesting your favorite song.

The layout is very simple that you won’t get lost browsing it. Although the video is somewhat blurry or sandy (what do you call that again?) the audio is clear and you can sing along. (Now, I wonder if Ricky can also include a sub-title on his videos so we can sing along…)

He also includes a few write-ups on announcements of concerts and events related to singing.It was just recently that he also shared a few vlog posts to fellow music enthusiasts for exposure.

SWAK Challenge

I’m not sure if Rabsing will notice this WAPAK blog about him but if he does, my challenge for him is to create an mtv-like video of one of his songs.

And yes, as the blog name suggests – he personally sings your favorite tunes just by requesting it. If you’re interested to trying him out check his blog at www.rabsing.com and let me know what you think of the vlog!


2010 Blog Project: The SWAK BLOGS!

I have been seeing good reviews on personal blogs lately and I just thought it would be great to share some good blogs by doing The SWAK BLOGS!

SWAK which is a Filipino expression that shows something is good and nice, a perfect rendition of something or a good opportunity to venture in (as popularized by ABS-CBN’s Kabuhayang Swak na Swak!).

The SWAK BLOGS then will share good blogs that offers good reading  anything “under the sun”. It will be an avenue to read more blogs and encourage me to be a better writer sharing experiences and among other things about life and more.

It’s something that I’ve been planning to try out over the years. I’ll share good reviews on Pinoy blogs who brought impact not just in my life but to some of their readers as well. As much as possible, I will focus on blogs who are not into online business and such as I’m really not an avid fan of those blogs.

I’ve never given much thought of trying really to make something like this before and share it to my readers (if any) but it’s worth a try. I know that it will take me some time to read a lot of blogs, try to see the black & white of the author’s perspective and of course give a good review.

Given my heavy schedule at work, I plan to share 1 prospective blog every month.This way, it can be a long-running project with the highlights on the Top 10 SWAK Blogs of 2010 before the year ends.

Of course, I’d ask permission to the authors before sharing anything and will respect their own views and if not given permission, shut-up about it and you can also recommend some good blogs I can check out and might like as well.

Better stay tuned and see who’s on my list!