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Work Rants and Some Other Stuff…


I’ve been dreaming of applying for an online job. Although this may entail me to work on the wee hours of the night, at least I can have some spare time doing something else. Working for some time in the corporate world makes you see things differently. In a span of 15 days, I’ve noticed that I am spending more than 10 hours regularly ( averaging to 12 to 16 hours every other day for the last 3 weeks) to meet deadlines and joining meetings.

I also noticed a decrease in my sleeping habit and although there are good amenities in my room, I usually spend my days or nights on my bed rather than enjoying the perks of being single.

Recently, I’ve been asking my self what I really want to do in life. The crazy feeling of wanting to work online spurs me to look for some online job. The search seems to be as easy as 1,2 and 3 but getting feedback is definitely entails a lot of patience. I want to be in a work wherein I can be my own boss or should I have one, a client who is miles away from me. I love to work alone, finish projects and spend time researching and learning new stuff online. This is what drives me right now to be online most of the time.

But seriously, I will miss talking to co-workers on important stuff, spending time doing reports and spearheading coaching sessions as well. These are also important to make me sane from time to time.

Simply put, this rant is just to make me vent out on some stuff on my mind and get to understand the feeling of being free to do stuff, earn while doing the things you love most and grow in another level of maturity outside the four walls of the office.

How about you, how are you doing today?


Kids At FUN!

It’s quite amusing seeing my nephews and cousins yesterday playing in the noontime at the beach. The four cuddly kids played from the time we arrived at around 10:00am up until noonbreak for lunch and they’re back again up until 2:00pm.

Gian,Em-em,Lance & Ash at the side of the beach having fun.

While they were at the beach trying to swim and play, I was there at the side, watching them making sure no one gets hurt or drown. It was hot and yet I dont want them playing all by themselves.

Well, Kids do anything to have fun. I guess that’s what grown-ups need from time to time. Simple as what they were doing allows me to reminisce of the good old days when playing around the beach forgetting the heat of the sun to enjoy and have fun.

Playing with the dead fish they found earlier.

How I wish I can have the time and be a kdi again. I’d surely enjoy playing in the beach forgetting whatever happens after staying the whole day under the scorching sun. 🙂


Life are full of challenges and we are destined to face each one of them. We have been wired to win some and lose some but the good part is that, we come out another person.
Our views in life will change, our ways will be more discrete and perhaps, our choices a much wiser one since we now know better from our experiences.

People sometimes doesn’t see the changes in us, whether it’s good or bad. Only those close to heart and who knows us too well are the one who are able to determine the change in our eye’s sparks, our reaction to things and sometimes, just sometimes the sadness our gestures make. Only those people knows us…and usually, accepts us.

Why am i sharing these things?

Because out of all the people in the world, only few people knows each one of us. With that fact comes the realization that we must take them to a deeper level of knowing who we are. This might be a hard step for some of us…but it’s a road we all must take.
This will be the people who will be your wall when all things fall apart. Your hopes when all are in despair (first of all, GOD is our hope…) and even when all things are dark and gloomy, these will be the ones who will stand before you and be there whenever there are wars to fight and battles to win.

Perhaps, you might be thinking that these might be true to some but not to me, ey…if the wind exists for us to feel the coldness of the night and refresh us when there is so much heat of the sun, then i guess it’s a fact that even when we don’t see it, it is there…i guess, the same truth might apply…even when people sees us as ugly, unlovable and whatever people may say about us or about what we see ourselves as…there are people who accepts the complete us (both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the courageous and the cowardice…blahblahblah…)
I hope that you will find yourself a good spot and see and evaluate the people surrounding you…and ask this question, “who among these are always there for me even when things are not the usual moments for me?” After that, thank them and say to them the most encouraging words they can hear from you. And perhaps, just perhaps, create another level of friendship with them.