2nd Day Woes…

It’s my second day out of the office and it’s getting boring…

I often wonder how my twin brother lives like this… hehehe… Well, I’m the kind of person who always does something and being at home makes me sick of staying at home doing exactly nothing.

The idea of life for me I guess has become of a workaholic guy driven by performance and results. I hate to admit it, but the last time I had a long vacation leave got me sick to the extent of having to spend so much with my medicines.

So, this time, instead of going out of Negros I decided to stay at home and be a homebuddy for awhile…not entirely though, I’ve been out in the house for the entire day visiting my lola and finding time to chat and make blog entries. 🙂

I kind of wonder, I just had one reply for the query I had the other day in “Blog Events for Dumagueteños” aren’t there anyone from Dumaguete or Negros Oriental that has an interest in Blogs?

Anyway, I’ll just wait and see… It might be good to do it during Christmas Time… 🙂



Life are full of challenges and we are destined to face each one of them. We have been wired to win some and lose some but the good part is that, we come out another person.
Our views in life will change, our ways will be more discrete and perhaps, our choices a much wiser one since we now know better from our experiences.

People sometimes doesn’t see the changes in us, whether it’s good or bad. Only those close to heart and who knows us too well are the one who are able to determine the change in our eye’s sparks, our reaction to things and sometimes, just sometimes the sadness our gestures make. Only those people knows us…and usually, accepts us.

Why am i sharing these things?

Because out of all the people in the world, only few people knows each one of us. With that fact comes the realization that we must take them to a deeper level of knowing who we are. This might be a hard step for some of us…but it’s a road we all must take.
This will be the people who will be your wall when all things fall apart. Your hopes when all are in despair (first of all, GOD is our hope…) and even when all things are dark and gloomy, these will be the ones who will stand before you and be there whenever there are wars to fight and battles to win.

Perhaps, you might be thinking that these might be true to some but not to me, ey…if the wind exists for us to feel the coldness of the night and refresh us when there is so much heat of the sun, then i guess it’s a fact that even when we don’t see it, it is there…i guess, the same truth might apply…even when people sees us as ugly, unlovable and whatever people may say about us or about what we see ourselves as…there are people who accepts the complete us (both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the courageous and the cowardice…blahblahblah…)
I hope that you will find yourself a good spot and see and evaluate the people surrounding you…and ask this question, “who among these are always there for me even when things are not the usual moments for me?” After that, thank them and say to them the most encouraging words they can hear from you. And perhaps, just perhaps, create another level of friendship with them.


personality?or not?

Life never gives too much options.
And how people respond to the things we do are unpredictable.

What a sad realization but true. we seldom meet the expectations of friends,family and loved ones. As much as we also expect much we receive little. That is i guess the irrevocable laws of attraction. I don’t know, maybe i’m just too melancholic but that’s what’s in my mind right now.

What a hard combination of being melancholic and O/C (obsessive-compulsive)…just days ago i decided to go to bacolod and just last night, i decided not to. Though there are reasons why i stopped the idea of going, it’s just that i am easily pushed to do something when i am forced and pulled to situations on my control and yet beyond my limits….what does that mean? i don’t know…hehehe.

Anyways,am melancholic-choleric…i do have fun but sometimes, having fun goes beyond the idea of fun to others…i tend to intimidate them and being choleric,tries to manipulate them…but not all, only a few…wahahaha!

But a friend of mine said that we all have the four types of personality and one or two of these are really adamant in the things we do…(what’s adamant?)

anyways, i have lot’s of things to do…catch you later…wahehehe!