Kids At FUN!

It’s quite amusing seeing my nephews and cousins yesterday playing in the noontime at the beach. The four cuddly kids played from the time we arrived at around 10:00am up until noonbreak for lunch and they’re back again up until 2:00pm.

Gian,Em-em,Lance & Ash at the side of the beach having fun.

While they were at the beach trying to swim and play, I was there at the side, watching them making sure no one gets hurt or drown. It was hot and yet I dont want them playing all by themselves.

Well, Kids do anything to have fun. I guess that’s what grown-ups need from time to time. Simple as what they were doing allows me to reminisce of the good old days when playing around the beach forgetting the heat of the sun to enjoy and have fun.

Playing with the dead fish they found earlier.

How I wish I can have the time and be a kdi again. I’d surely enjoy playing in the beach forgetting whatever happens after staying the whole day under the scorching sun. 🙂


A Quick Post!

I was just out buying some guy’s stuff when I got the urge to go online and check my friendster and blog account!

Well, just a quick recap of all the things I’ve been doing the whole weekend…

I had the time off from work after 2 days in Guihulngan City for a job fair. Although the job fair is not that stressful, the trip was! We have to travel for almost 3 hours from Dumaguete to Guihulngan by land trip! An aching back and a strained neck is worth the 6 “ok for hire” applicants out of around 60 applicants for the 2 days which is like 30%! (WOhooo!)

We had the chance to stroll the kids at the park and spend quality time with them. It was fun, we ended the night with a kiss from both and a good night hug before we went home.

Well, as i said, I totally forgot to buy toiletries since I was damn busy (with the kids…) and relaxed the whole day! Good thing Mercury was still open when I got in the downtown area. 🙂

Cheers everyone! 😉


Sunday with Kids

Sunday can be a bit of a boredom to me. Good thing there was my nephew who for the entire afternoon accompanied me to watch tv, played in the mat and let’s say, get’s to unfix my hair and had some laughs at our pictures during the mat rolling time.

Kids do brighten our day and allows us to be more happy in life than the usual mundane reasons. I hate to admit it but I love spending time with them, especially my nephew, Lance. He’s the huggable and patient one. On the other hand, I love Ashley too, but often times she has tantrums. I love them both.

I can only spend time with them during weekends since I am working far from home. Although I can travel an hour or so going to and from work, I choose to live in the city. It’s more accessible for me. Weekends are no escape for me to meet them. It’s an avenue to help my sister take care for them and teach them some lessons about life, values and more about relationship – especially family and Godly relations.

Well, I just wanted to share these to all, thanks for reading. BTW, I was able to sneak out because the 2 kids were already snoring. Hahaha… Happy week for everyone!!!