Picture Perfect

Can anything be addictive than having a new camera on hand?

With the busy life that I have, I can still have the time to capture on camera everything I find interest in to. And at most, it’s inside the office! With friends and co-workers gulping to pose and smile at every click, who would not take the plunge of trying it out.

For keep’s sake, I’m saving it in Multiply as an online “portfolio”. But basically taking pictures will be a hobby to beat with the odds of working my ass up until December.

Come to think of it, most of my captures are expression of faces and emotions and I kind of like it when it comes to capturing unedited or let’s say real and captured reactions from people.

These two pictures are taken during the company one hour outreach last sunday. They didn’t know I took a shot at them while they were mesmerized by the stories and toys they got with the loot bags.

The one below is my niece, Ashley. Typical cute kid who knows how to project. She has a lot of pics at home because she is definitely a kid who loves to be in the limelight. And I have to admit, although she looks angelic, she can be very naughty sometimes and may win you over her cries and woes for food!

The rest can be seen at my Multiply account, of course, If you have a multiply account – feel free to add me.


Facets of Faces

It’s really funny watching the pictures I’ve taken of myself for the past few years. Instead of lloking older, I seemed to grow younger. Hehehe… I’m not bragging about something..It’s just a fact I can’t even deny when I look in the mirror. So, here are some of the faces I had through the years…

I’d say my face looks younger but I definiteley grown up in being a person. Get the chance to ask me about anything and you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

Faces and Names…Grr…

Everyday at work I see different faces in all walks of life. Some seems to be familiar while others are nameless individuals hoping to get in the company to provide for themselves and their families.

I consider myself a guy having problems with remembering faces. It’s so hard to really determine and remember faces. I get confused when people asks questions that takes me aback from time to time.

Good thing I have an excuse,hehehe… one blessing of having a twin brother is the escape the dilemma of not remembering their names and faces. It allows me to mimic names and get away when mistaken.

Anyway, it’s not a memory loss problem so beat it you guys!