Christmas Season: A Personal Persepective

I often wonder how we view Christmas here in the Philippines. As seen on tv shows and print ads, Christmas has become a bazaar of gift giving and party and all that stuff. Although I have to admit that having all these makes Christmas more fun and exciting to at most of the time, but how do we really know the essence of Christmas in the reality of our current situations?

Christmas in the Philippines has been dubbed as one of the biggest and grandest event in the country. But with the economic blisters we are encountering, I often wonder if ever the same grandeur is felt and dubbed this season.

It was typical before to have all the Christmas lights scattered across the house in full color, having the lights turned on up to the wee hours of the night or early dawn. Wherein local parks and malls spectacle on the luxurious presentations of glittering lights at the start of the night.

Christmas before overcrowds malls and flee markets to buy gifts. I often dream about those good old days wherein I was tagged along at a local mall to buy the gifts and noche buena delights.

Forgive me for dwelling on these things…let me get back to my question earlier, how do we really know the essence of Christmas in the reality of our current situations?

Christmas is not just a season of giving but also a season of thanksgiving. Although we celebrate new year with a bang, its usually Christmas time when we celebrate all blessings the Lord has given us by uttering prayers of joy and thanks to our Creator and King.

It’s a time to understand that its not because of us that what we have accomplished that matters but of how the Lord has worked through us and helped us through the tough and bad times, as well as the good and joyous ones!

Hopefully, with our economic crisis and to any of our challenges individually, we will see Christmas as a time of evaluating, reflecting and be grateful that “HE (indeed HE alone) is able to do greater things for us…” and for that, I will SAY, AMEN!


12 Days of Indian Christmas!

I was browsing through Youtube and I found a very interesting Christmas song video. This is funny and really interesting! Check it out below –

The creator, Boymongoose seems to be very artistic when it comes to animation and has a funny side when it comes to creating a story line. I am an instant fan of him on Youtube!

On their website at Boymongoose shares about the following information –

Boymongoose is an Indian Christmas Popstar who specialises in comedic remakes of all the classic Christmas Carols. As the lead singer of an Indian boy band, boymongoose takes aim at Insufficient Dowries, Internet Dating, Bollywood Hunks, Corrupt Child Sports Stars and Angels with amazing I.T. skills. Crossing styles from pop-rock to piano ballads to barbershop, few targets escape his debut Christmas in Asia Minor album.

Boymongoose is joined on the album by, without a doubt, the funniest Sri Lankan we could afford – Nishan Selvadurai (the artist currently known as Nish). The FHM award winning comedian brings his gifted mix of sketch, celebrity impersonations and one liners to emcee you through to the album’s bizarre conclusion.

Sigh, in reality, I’m still thinking what to give as gift to my two little pamangkins at home but at least the video gave me an idea for a crazy steamy gift for both!

Check his other videos by clicking here – Boymongoose.