Dumaguete Bloggers!

Yey! My 2 blogs was added to Dumaguete site! And yes folks, it’s something to be excited about if you tell me because I have been looking for Dumagueteños who are into blogging as well.

To mention Dumaguete bloggers, the upcoming NegOr IT Expo 2008 is inviting all bloggers and technopreneurs to join this December 1-2, 2008 at the Negros Convention Center. Although joining the event may incur cost, I believe this will be an avenue to share ideas and be heard during the 2 day event.

I’m currently part of the organizing commitee ( sleaky me… Hehehehe) and I’d say this is something promising. So, for all those bloggers who are into e-business, send me a message and who know’s you’d hit it big after this event!

By the way, the said event will be handled by the Negros Oriental/ Dumaguete ICT Group,who are composed of different schools, goverment and private businesses respectively. Click my name to learn more!



2nd Day Woes…

It’s my second day out of the office and it’s getting boring…

I often wonder how my twin brother lives like this… hehehe… Well, I’m the kind of person who always does something and being at home makes me sick of staying at home doing exactly nothing.

The idea of life for me I guess has become of a workaholic guy driven by performance and results. I hate to admit it, but the last time I had a long vacation leave got me sick to the extent of having to spend so much with my medicines.

So, this time, instead of going out of Negros I decided to stay at home and be a homebuddy for awhile…not entirely though, I’ve been out in the house for the entire day visiting my lola and finding time to chat and make blog entries. 🙂

I kind of wonder, I just had one reply for the query I had the other day in “Blog Events for Dumagueteños” aren’t there anyone from Dumaguete or Negros Oriental that has an interest in Blogs?

Anyway, I’ll just wait and see… It might be good to do it during Christmas Time… 🙂

A Blog Event For Dumaguete???

What do you think?

Will such an event spark up something for the blogger community here in Dumaguete?

Hhhmmm…I think this will take much preparation but can be a very good opportunity to promote and take time to get acquainted and make friends.

It’s enticing to read about events sponsored by big companies for bloggers announced in PinoyBlogero. But since Dumaguete is small and food consumption is cheap, I guess we can manage to do it using our own pockets for the mean time. ( I sound realistic…argh…)

Now the question is… who can I coordinate with to push for this endeavor?

Anyone out there with the same ideas, please raise your hat and be heared…