MMK: #TheProdigalDaughter Story

I just finished watching Maalaala Mo Kaya, a weekend television show in ABS-CBN sharing real life stories for drama purposes. Tonight seems to give a very good story of what we all call new beginnings.

Here are a few realizations I can share with you after watching it:

1. Sin is a choice and living rightly is also a choice. Our life is filled with choices and so does doing what is right.

2. Grace is always available but we deny its existence. The very evidence that we still live in this world showcases God’s plans for us. He will never end our story unless we allow it. And so does His grace, we can never experience His love unless we acknowledge it.

3. God is not done with me yet. Yes, the stories we hear always tells of a perfect creator with a good storyline. Just be ready to know the truth. It will reshape our mindset, it will redefine our story, it can also renew our endings.

4. The power of change starts in us. The first step to change is to recognize that it starts on the inside. As what I always say, it is a matter of choice and choosing to change doesn’t start outside but inside of us.

5. Fear of the outcome allows us to rely in the hope we profess. Our hope is anchored in Christ, his promises and love for us. It may sound weird at first but it doesn’t change the fact that He died that we may live in Him.

How about you? What story and learnings have unfolded at the start of the new year? May each story we share reflect His love, grace and plans for all of us.


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