2018: New Year, New Pages To Write

Some stories sometimes doesn’t start right. There are also things in our life that we can no longer change or wish had a different set-up.

People will react, they will comment and sometimes hates us for what we have done. But if there is one truth I am dwelling now is the sufficiency of knowing God has accepted my faults, my mistakes and my limitations.

In the very words of Paul, “His power is made known in our weakness…” I may never change the settings of my story but I know God still has a few good pages left to write, may this be true this new year as I go back to writing in my personal blog.

As I continue to see 2018 unfold, may I look at it with a renewed hope that all will work well with my work, ministry and life.

It may not started well this year for me, I know the pages are still unfolding and good stories are yet to be written down by the Master Writer. With the new year means new beginnings and new stories for me to write and share!

Thank you for reading!


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