Bringing The Spirit Of Excellence In The House

I had the opportunity to share in one of our Sunday service at church a couple of weeks ago. The Lord gave me a challenging yet insightful learning about “Bringing the Spirit of Excellence In The House” based on Daniel’s life in Babylon. Learning through the life of Daniel and his friends was a humbling experience. I am blessed also to see our elders and the rest of the leadership team to respond to the call for excellence in our life as  believers and as leaders in the kingdom of God.

Here are some of my talking points I’d like to share and hopefully will help all of us check ourselves in the very best or least we can do to be excellent in all that we do for God’s greater glory.

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Bringing The Spirit of Excellence In The House

God desires for us to bring ourselves in His perfect will, which includes becoming excellent vessels for His purpose. I hope and pray that what I have shared to our church will not only be for a season but it will cause us to move forward, desiring nothing less than doing the best we can for His glory!

To God be all the glory!


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