With Much Regret And Excitement

I’m sitting here in the office not ready to begin my mid-day work. I spent most of the night thinking through what lies ahead and weigh the pros and cons of my final decision. After much thought, I am more inclined to accept the offer in Bacolod as a sourcing lead for my previous company.

For one, the position offered is for promotion. It’s three steps higher than what I have now. It is also the third offer within the year that I got without applying for the role. I guess, God is trying to give a hint about this promotion ever since I started the year. But learning to see God moving His way beyond my control, I know it’s time for me to take the baton.

Just a quick recap, I got a call a few months back for a Senior Assistant Manager role for Davao, passed all the interviews up to the Senior Vice-President level and was offered a good relocation package and incentive scheme. And after a gruesome one month waiting, I was not allowed to get the job due to family issues.

Another opportunity came for a Recruitment and Sourcing Officer role in one of the big BPO player to start in Cagayan, same story and same outcome – I declined the offer because I was not up to relocate in Cagayan De Oro all by myself.

A good thought for this new journey up ahead

But the offer in Bacolod came like a hope in the midst of my chaos. I want to move out but I felt that the best offer is yet to come. My previous company called me up and asked for an appointment for a quick interview. After that meeting, I gave an amount and guess what, they actually offered much higher than I was expecting.

Uhm, let’s just say P 8,000 higher on top of allowances from the previous offers.

I grabbed the offer and said “yes” but the excitement dies down when everyone in your family once again said “NO”.

Personally, I felt that I need to make some changes because I am stuck here for more than a year now but I felt that there was no growth. With days and nights coming closer to my start date, I feel that I find peace in accepting the offer in Bacolod instead of declining it.

At the end of it all, I am fully convinced that drafting my resignation letter today and submitting it to them by the end of my shift is something I need to do with much regret to leave new friends behind and get excited to what God has in store for me back in Bacolod.


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