Starting From Scratch

I’ve been thinking of going back to writing stuff that makes me complete. I mean, I’m the kind of person who loves to write about anything but couldn’t seem to finish it for some reason…okay, I guess the passion dies down, I get mental blocks from time to time or for whatever the reason is.

Yep, I’m planning to go back into writing devotionals for next year but it will focus on certain topics that relates to me. As what every author says, you can never share something that is not based on experienced so I will focus on stuff that I have been learning and start from scratch.

Uhm, you might be asking why from scratch?

My recent post since early this year focused on the hard road of recovery from a very bad experience. And although I am still in the process of restoration, I strongly believe that if ever given the chance to speak about it – I would do so knowing that everyday is a constant reminder that I am created and still alive for a purpose. What an amazing grace I have experienced since then!

Okay, going back to the plan. The booklet will be entitled like “Starting From Scratch…” focusing on the restoration I have experienced through Christ, the love journey that started like a downhill and hope that didn’t disappoint me in the end.

I am not hoping that it will be published or whatsoever but it will be a book or booklet that will point me back to why the Lord has been in the process of my restoration, protection amidst everything else and the hope I strongly profess until now.

The bible says that we are being changed from glory to glory and that hope doesn’t disappoint us that even though we feel we are deteriorating, we have this hope in Him, through Christ. And that’s one message I could not bear to be silent about even when things go miry that expected.

Stay tuned and let’s see where this leads me.


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