For A Thousand Reasons

Today marks the first day I first set foot once again on a beach after almost a year fearing to be in one. As I see the sunrise,the waves and the sea breeze on my face makes me just raise my hands to praise my creator.


I remember this same day a year ago when I started to make changes. I was skinny,I couldn’t stand for long and I don’t want to talk to people. I was at the peak of my depression when the Lord met me. I found myself at the arms of my mother at midnight,just singing one song that seems to be alive that time – “Hesus Pagkamaayo Mo”.

The lyrics spoke to my heart. It says what my heart was feeling at that time. Regardless of what my fears were,my situation didn’t define who God is in my life. It was through a series of midnight songs that I sang my heart,cried to my savior and ends up relieved.


As I wake-up today,I find myself just wanting to be at the beach. I wanted to see and wait until the sun shows up. And while doing that, I find it true that sometimes a song speaks of what our situation is, of who God is or can be today and His promises are true.

“Dear Father, Your name is lifted up today. By your stripes,I’ve been set free and healed. From every limitation,I have found your grace sustaining me.

Today marks the day I stepped out from depression a year ago. It was a time of finding what can happen to me,what you’ve done and can do in my situation. I praise you for those times but I thank you for today,I am well – healed and restored one day at a time. Amen.”


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