The Siblings To Keep

My siblings are my treasures. I often fight with them or scold them but I love them all. My sickness brought me to the understanding that although we have our differences, it’s really is a “blood thicker than water” no matter what.


Just imagine my older sister whose kids I love the most. She might have some lapses and mistakes in her past but she’s been doing all stuff to provide and take care of the four kids. Strong-willed but caring,even to me when my mom was away is something worth sharing. Regardless of her past, I love the only princess in our home, she’s one gift I’ll never give away.

My younger brother is one to stick around. The 3 of us still calls him “gang”,an endearment since he was a kid. He sometimes becomes rebellious but not to the point of no turning back. He took care of me when I got sick. He cooked for my meals even without sleep and carried me around going up or down the stairs, pulled my wheelchair and even cleaned me up when I couldn’t do it myself. I saw his immaturity but I also experienced his love for me when he became a kuya at one point in time.

My other sibling is my twin brother. We’ve been the closest friend ever since high school. He loves me, no questions asked. He’s also the only person I listen to when scolded. There was a time where I cried because he didn’t visit me at home. I texted him and told him I cried in the bathroom for an hour. It didn’t take an hour for me to see him with an ice cream on hand. He took care of me, carried me and even fed me when I can’t hold a spoon steadily. He sticks closer than any friend and accepts me for who I am.

I’m sharing these things to honor their lives. It’s never too late to say “thank you” through this. And yes, I did say it to them more than once.


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