Worship, crying out and God Alone

I couldn’t understand at first why I would weep on certain songs and not with others. Songs with lyrics that draws me to His throneroom allows me to be vulnerable, to be who I am and what or how He sees me.

The reality of crying in front of a crowd or even at the comfort of my own room makes me truthful of how I feel about myself. There was one time when I just sang an old christian hymn and then my mom woke up because He heard me sobbing.

It is normal to cry, we are created to be emotional, to be sensitive but never stubborn. Our feelings are sometimes stubborn which makes us cry. I really believe that crying in front of God is a good avenue to respond. It takes my unassuming perspective to a point heavenward, to where He is.

But to be emotional is bad as well. Never underestimate the power of conviction (which makes me cry) but like anything in the christian life, it should lead to repentance. Conviction, repentance, forgiveness and freedom is what makes truthful worship acceptable.

Regardless of why I cried, why I kneel down or just lift my hands to worship God, it matters to my father. One good song speaks of how worship is like a father placing his son’s face on his own chest. That is how worship is. Truthful as it can be, it can indeed make us cry.

Now, I wonder if it makes sense to cry while just worshipping or does it even make it authentic when tears will fall down. I will never know but one thing for sure, what matters is the heart. And everytime I’m weeping, it is because He is good.


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