Just Another Medical Update as of February 2015

I’ve been in the house for almost three months now. It’s been a hard fight to stay put – knowing that I’m the kind of person who was on the go almost every day when I was still working.

And yet, it is the Lord’s will to slow me down. Yes, I have to admit that there are times I want to hasten everything but the process seems to slow down. It is indeed a redefining moment for me.

Indeed, a living testimony of His enabling grace which meant…

  • To trust the Lord for the medicine to work, gain additional weight and increase intake of food. As for last check-up, the doctor confirmed that I am regaining my strength and stamina compared to the last few months
  • To walk again after a month of not being able to stand on my feet. I can now walk all alone, stand longer hours during worship time and even bend down and bow which I couldn’t do before
  • Having His strength from “strength to strength” which made me to still rely at times to people. Something that the Lord is dealing with me for some time now

May you please join me in prayer for the next few lines…

  • Financial provision for my next laboratory tests since I’m scheduled on March 23 for my medical check-up for my lungs and immune system
  • Travel to Bacolod to finish the laboratory and check-ups
  • Physical stamina and strength when I travel for the laboratory examinations which can last the entire day because it will be the same procedure as when I got admitted
  • Complete healing in my lungs as I feel better but of course, it will only be the doctor’s final word that can confirm that
  • To wait patiently before the Lord. It’s hard to wait; it’s harder to go from one phase to another.
  • Opportunities to open-up once I’m completely well and can go back to work


There have been a lot of changes lately, including my pattern of living. I am amazed on how the Lord has led me to trust God for my daily needs. Above all, to entrust to him my medical condition and complete healing.

Almost every time when I’m worshiping the Lord in my private quarter or at the church when tears will just fall and I would weep. I’m too emotional with my condition to the extent that I get easily disappointed, discouraged or feels discomfort.

But in all of these, I am more convinced that God is able to continue His purposes for me. That what He started in me will be completed in His due time.


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