If The Blog Remains As Is….

Blogging was and is an avenue for expressing myself. It was never an “informative-type” or “other-cliche” kind of thing. Just to be honest with it, it is and will remain a personal blog across topics. It can never be an easy to stick to one blog post but mundane sometimes as it can be, I can randomize my topics. Or so, I say….

The blog is personal and so is my faith. You will often read about my own experiences and the learning the Lord is teaching me along the way. It’s often hard to distinguish one experience from another but more easy to grab a lesson from it all. But all I can surely say is that faith, as if my personal blog, is something too personal that I have to express it.

2014 might be a busy year filled with many things but my 2015 will be busier in the blogosphere. I will maintain a blog post twice as much as I had to and will focus of faith, hope and love on a personal standpoint. Bad as it is, my niche blog has been a personal thought blog and will remain as is, no matter what.

And since I’m always changing, one thing remains, this blog will have to tag along this title for the remainder of my years.


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