Health Updates

A Quick Update

Happy Christmas everyone! I intended to send this to only a few people for an update to what happened to me since August 2014 when I got admitted for severe pneumonia.

I was advised to rest for a month after the hospitalization but sad to say, before the month’s end was another roller coaster ride in the hospital for 14 day. Yes, I got admitted again this time in Dumaguete.

It was more challenging as the first one because it got worst to a point that only 10% of my lungs was working. I was advised after my hospitalization to go back to Bacolod and see my specialist doctor for further treatment. I stayed in Bacolod for another 10 days which lasted November 16 with a weekly medical check-up and continuous medication.

I was advised to go for a PTB test and got a negative result for 4 times. Imagine my relief they told me that I’m PTB free and no need for such medication. Unfortunately, upon my next clearing check-up got an advised to go for the medication because my body is responding to the medication with the clearing on my lungs. I will be in 4 months maintenance for the mean time.

• Thank God I’m responding on my medication and there has been improvement every time I go for a check-up
• Provision for my medication, check-up and daily expenses. It’s a daily trust where to find means as I don’t have a stable income for 2 months now.
• Peace of mind after a month of depression and self-pity after losing so much weight (I’m only 38.6 kilograms as of this writing)
• The restoration of my appetite after almost 2 months of less food intake. I reached to a point of just drinking “Busog-Lusog” because of lost appetite or vomiting because of the medications every meal time.
• Praising God for my family as support group in all aspect as I have a complete set of family counselor, spiritual mentor, a physical nurse, a financial aid and all-around cook, driver and more in the life of my parents, aunties and tito.

It’s a daily battle for now with a few concerns, continue to pray for my:

• Financial provision for my daily needs as I am officially resigned in Convergys for medical reasons. It was a hard decision but must be dealt with if I want to be healed.
• Continuous increase in appetite and weight. The determining factor for my healing is if I gain weight. I gained 5 kilograms from my last check-up, hopefully it will increase although slowly.
• Continuous seeking with the Lord as I listen and learn to be dependent, be at peace and hope for a bright future.
• Pray for my family as they minister to me at this time as I’m really in need of help in all aspect even in taking a bath!
• Full recovery and healing. The Lord is restoring my life one step a time, a process that I need to go through.

Ephesians 3:20

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

In Christ,



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