The Travel, The Fall and Food Trips!

I traveled today from Bacolod to Tanjay, my hometown (a city near Dumaguete) for some fresh air and resting time. I couldn’t ask for more as food is always a lot with two viands, always with some local soup.

But before that travel time is a total mishap, I fell off the stairs  – the last step. My brother thought I fainted and I told him I was okay. Now my back hurts and I still want a massage. This was the second time I accidentally fell and my brothers are concerned because I keep falling or outbalanced at times.

Realizing that having to be at home in awhile can be insane. I still need some help doing stuff or maybe I’m getting used to being helped with. I thank the Lord for brothers who are eager to cook, buy food and do stuff for me. My new learning is that depend2ncy creates a new bond. My bro and I have not spent a lot of time lately that the last two weeks have been bonding time with both. Now, my brother keeps on texting because he misses the bonding.

But one thing is for sure, to rest doesn’t always mean bedridden retreat. Tomorrow, we’ll try to go to the beach for an early swim. 🙂 And then, church.

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