A Time to Reflect, Rest and Be Vigilant

I was admitted at a local hospital for severe pneumonia and got an infection in the lungs. I was there for almost 10 days and now, continuous rest and medication is required before my next follow-up check-up this Thursday. I was advise to rest, recuperate and eat a lot. Something that I don’t or seldom do straight for ten days.

I often whine because I had nothing to do and someone as independent as I am has to depend on my brothers (and their wife) just in case I need or do something. I was often scolded as well because my stubborn behavior to always do it my way comes in the way. I even had a conflicting reasoning with my twin at times even on how to prepare.

It’s an excruciating experience because I’ve been always alone and managed to do stuff my way. It was a manner that I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. And yet, the Lord is teaching me about trust and dependency. Dependency is so many ways, is so many aspects in my so called life.

Nevertheless, I’m still in the midst of my dilemma, to medicate and rest, to reflect and be refreshed by God’s timing and instructions. To be vigilant with my help, make sure I’m okay and healthy.

The experience taught me three valuable lessons I’d like to end with:

  1. Being healthy is a necessity. I need to be healthy so that I can work, do stuff I love and live a balanced life. If not, everything can fall apart – especially with getting severe pneumonia and an infection. It cost me more than P 100,000.00 and a debt I also need to pay.
  2. The Lord’s lesson are sometimes hard to experience and faith-stretching. In the midst of a chaotic mind of trying to do it my way, I ended making unwise and unjust decisions. In the long run, God provided- in an unexpected way beyond everything I can think of.
  3. The journey to rest is long and yet necessary. To be restored again to good health requires discipline and sacrifice. It will be a time of great reflection, of scrutiny and of rest in God’s purposes and promises. I’m praying that this thirty days rest will find its worth in knowing that I’m here for change, for the better.

Thank you for reading this update and God place!


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