A Pinoy Version of “33 Under 33”?

Just recently Christianity Today posted an article entitled “33 Under 33” wherein they shared people 33 years old and below whose making impact to Kingdom building. It was an interesting article that spoke about making impact at an early age at the same time, defining what we can be and become in the future, if the Lord wills it.

So, while the US of A has its own version and I think every country should have something like this in their own context as Kuya David Lim has mentioned. But how do we define such? What is our baseline and how do we identify people?

The thought of making one for the Philippines will probably be hard and will entail a lot of time. But with the availability of the internet through the social media can better identify who these people are. These young group will probably have 2 things in common – active Facebook users and a blogger. But seriously, there should be a baseline somewhere we can make. And here’s a couple of suggestions in identifying these people…

  1. These should have been born starting in the 1980’s to 90’s. These are people who are currently at around the age of 35 years old and below.
  2. They influence and do something passionate, whether in full-time ministry, the corporate world or what we call the 7 mountains below:
      • Religion
      • Science & Technology
      • Government
      • Education
      • Family
      • Business / Corporate world
      • Media and Communications
  3. A radical follower of Jesus Christ with sound biblical doctrine as backbone.

Of course, there are other things I believe should define someone to be one but the diversity shouldn’t hinder us from this baseline. Assuming we identify people from these basic 3, other identifying factors will follow in the line.

The purpose of identifying these people is not to “idolize” them or put them on a pedestal but to quote Christianity Today means –

“For this story, CT set out to find young believers who we think are leading today’s church in key ways—and who embody what it will look like in the years to come…”

I know we can identify a lot of young breeds doing something good everywhere but I hope through this Project comes out the challenge to identify and define where it will lead us as new or emerging generation of leaders from every sector of society, impacting and building the kingdom work of God.

Does this make sense? Then please do help me identify these people. 🙂


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