When I’m Waiting for My Healing

By His stripes we WERE healed (1 Pet. 2:24)

I’m waiting for my healing, even when I can’t seem to see it coming or feel the comfort of His words. But hope is of the things I do not see – of the power of God working through my life, through my health.

The word has a lot of promises that are always “yes” and “amen” for what my father has told me, and by faith I believe that healing will come to me, He will restores in me the joy in my salvation. In the nights of desolation, peace comes. When fear strikes – faith comes victoriously.

I recently started praying early morning and before I sleep. I claim every promises I know, trying to rest in my place in the constant plea for healing, to gain my weight and really sleep. Although, I’m on medication for almost a month now, I am not certain if its working or not.

But in everything that I’m experiencing, I want to draw near to my father at all these. My desire to seek and worship deepens when I want to believe in his promises.


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