For The First Run in Forever

I had an adrenaline rush today for the first time. I was trying to pull myself out of bed (literally) and start my day with a jog. And after 15 minutes preparing stuff, I started walking from my place to the Rose Plains garden 3 blocks away from my street.

The brisk-walking started off with no idea where the exact road going to the memorial park. Luckily a guy from my area was also going the same way. I was keeping up to how he walks fast and I realized he’s like 45 years old and I’m trying to keep up which was kind of frustrating at first. But of course, I arrived safely and enjoyed the scenery of early birds doing their strut.

It’s been four or five years from the last run that I had. I started losing the interest after one month of trying to keep up with overtime work and waking up early. It was a discipline I was not entirely into at that time.

I thank God for today’s opportunity to go back doing this. It’s nice to perspire and feeling the ache of running. And yes, I ended up jogging for 30 mins and brisk-walking for another 30 mins on top of my walk from my place totaling to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Since this is the first time I would run again, I’ll consider it a challenge if I can do this for 30 days starting today. And I’m considering going back to being fit and thin at the same time. 🙂

I wonder if I can keep up with that rate tomorrow? Who’s up for the challenge?


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