Looking Back To Move Forward

I always wanted to write. I first started writing stuff through my journal back in high school. There were a lot of topics back then and I couldn’t even finish anything that I’ve started. I wonder what could have happened if I had the time to finish everything that I’ve started.

Starting off was a story of seven warriors from the middle earth, sworn through a legacy all of them received through a prophecy. I just ended up finishing 3 chapters opening about the history of the warriors. I think I entitled it as “The Seven Star Warriors of Middle Earth“.

Another was a “Hardy Boys” style of mystery series wherein a kid witnessed a supposed to be a simple “hit and run” into a big syndicate’s secret plot. I ended the writing because it was tiring to finish a plot and not based it from the books I’ve read.

I also started writing about my experiences as a believer, thinking of writing some devotionals from my personal quiet times. I even started writing of specific topics like spiritual gifts, prophecy and spiritual disciplines. After a few articles, I ended up going back to posting updates and experiences.

It’s been like that since I started going back to blogging.

Now my passion is to write (and hopefully, finish) a topic I really wanted to write about. It’s something that I could believe can leave a legacy to what God has done and is doing in my life. It’s an amazing experience and hopefully, a good learning journey reading through it.

Looking back through the years made me realize that wisdom, learning and knowledge through experiences are different things when combined can help others build their lives on it. It’s an opportunity to journey together.

Today, I decided to write once more – not just a blog post but a series of simple articles that relates to my own spiritual journey and learning as a believer, a follower of Jesus Christ. And with that being said, I welcome once again my melancholic side to finish what I’ve started before.


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