The Month That Was January

Every month seems to be different and a fresh new start for the year 2014 is definitely part of it. There were a lot of unexpected things that I tried not to do but in the long run, I did join the bandwagon.


January seems to be colder these days that I started wearing a jacket at home and with the fan off because it’s really cold. I hope it stays until March. 🙂

The Higher Purpose

Our small group at church started with the workshop on our first meet-up but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come back to finish the other sessions. I pray that God will allow me to finish this, find time to settle down and don’t do overtime at work.

Another Outreach Experience

I love reaching out to kids and the experience last Saturday led me to realize that there are kids out there who are not familiar with outsiders, kids who fears the camera and are shy. 

A Visit to the Derma Doctor

I was having allergic reaction since last year but it’s just this year that I was brave enough to have a check-up for the scaling in my face. Thank God for the medicines and I look better now, moisturized and no more scales!

Long weekend Rest Day

I filed a one day leave that leads to a 4 day rest day because of the Chinese New Year and Sat-Sun off. I love long weekends, staying at home and making the most of my experience with the kids and the internet connection.

New Opportunities

Some companies have sprung up and asked if I’d be interested to move and be part of their pioneering group. I sent my resumes and try to wait for a positive feedback. 🙂

Ministry Desires

I’d love ministering to people and this year seems to be more of it. My desire is to see people come alive with the message of the gospel, to see signs and wonders promised by the Lord and speak destiny to peoples lives.

What’s In Store For February?

Part of my goal this year is to gain weight, be healthy and mature. My prayer is that God will honor this desire as I work, have a balanced life and enjoy the journey up ahead.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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