Reality Bites Hard, Even In Politics!

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A few days from now and the Philippines will be voting once again on who will rule over us for the next 3 years. You probably heard the same old caravan songs, the “sirang-plaka” messages being melodramatic and probably, the person giving it was in the government post for quite some time (or a kin of someone who’s been there all along).

Looking at all the candidates and the dilemma of which our country is experiencing every election, how do we, as believers and Filipinos, deal with all of these? How can we consider ourselves as one who can bring change in a country in dire need of revolution?

But more importantly, what have we been doing to change the atmosphere (aside from praying) of our situation. I strongly believe that God has left us here in the Philippines to bring change and not just adapt (or suffer) to it. To build His kingdom on this earth, and not succumb to the political dynasties a corrupt and crooked world has to offer.

The Issue Is Not About Separation

Now, I know the issue about the “separation of church and state” but we also need to consider that the church (the body of believers) are the ones living in these states. We as citizens (and as believers) are given the responsibility to nominate and build our country’s governing authority.

Whether we like it or not, being passive or proactive of our political will is the authority given by our Creator, and how we use it, determines how our life can be. Simply put, why should we complain if we ourselves have not voted when election time comes. Why bash the government over poverty and bad governance wherein you’ve rejected your right to not place them there.

What do I mean by this? Just consider these things…

First, believers should vote. I often hear other believers saying they’re not voting because they are not seeing changes since then. But the question here is, if you’ll not vote to the candidates you believe can make a difference, that change you’ve been ranting about will not even happen.

We often pity ourselves that we don’t have the capacity to change the course of history but I do believe it otherwise. You and I have the god-given authority to determine who can bring the will of God even in the political seats of the land.

Second, believers should be wise. Let’s face it, sometimes we vote for the people we think we know. We consider fame and popularity (in our own terms) and consider them as appealing candidates.

But have we ever research about them? Have we checked their accomplishments as ordinary citizens who are not yet on their desired posts? Have we managed to consider even their own family backgrounds?

It takes effort to have wisdom and I hope, you’re even considering your options based on track record and not just on their caravan songs or commercials.

Third, believers should promote “good governance”. Why even consider this? One voice can’t be heard clearly and that person couldn’t do it alone. He might bring a new “voice” to an old platform but has a lot of things to consider as well.

I know some local government officials who are close to pastors and considers them as great advisers. They often invite them to meetings and asks for great advise. So, do you think our pastors can be good motivators for good governance? Just check how their local churches are doing and you can answer that yourself.

I’m a strong believer that God has placed pastors not just to take care of the church but to govern it. Again, the people in our churches are the ones working in the community, so I would assume that the man of God is the best voice to stir the men and women in government to do the right things and bring change.

Reality Bites Hard

The effects of the upcoming election will not be felt immediately. It will be a painstaking experience from both sides of the coin. It can be a good or bad experience but either way, it will determine how we’ve used our votes.

But what if everything I’ve mentioned here makes sense? 

I don’t know whether the churches acts on it’s will or be passive about the upcoming elections. I even don’t know if the outcome of the votes will be God ordained or manly made. But one thing I believe can happen, each single vote, if used wisely, can drive change that can go beyond any legacy man can bring.

Lastly, let’s not use the “lesser evil” method and really vote for who are rightfully qualified and not just because they bear the cooler taglines or family names.


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