The BOOK Challenge!

Books could probably be one of my biggest investments. I have a dozen of them at home with practically topics about self-help, leadership, ministry and autobiographies.


The amazing thing about books is that even if they are a decade old, the insights and teachings are still applicable today.

Reading has taught me a lot of things and it helped me even in my blog writing. 

Why write about books early on a weekend?

I’m trying out a promo which will end by May 1, 2013!

Blog Promo Mechanics:

  • Write a blog post and share the recent book that you’ve read
  • Share about the book and its author
  • The insight and learning you got from the book
  • How did you apply your learning
  • Lastly, promote the contest by sharing about this to others!

So, what’s at prize?

I’m giving away P 1,000 worth of gift certificate from Philippine Christian Book Store (PCBS) which you can use to buy any books you want! 

I’ll be choosing the top 3 bloggers from the participants, who then will be voted off by the rest of the group in Pinoy Christian Bloggers to get the best entry!

So, what are you waiting for? Send me those links now!


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