Investment is a BIG WORD

Trade makers would probably use the word “invest” or “investment” as often as they can, especially during business talks. All of us probably knows about investments one way or another.

Investments is a BIG word for some and an easy act for others. Some of us takes time and effort to invest immediately while others would give in a split second after hearing someone talk passionate about it.

Whether you’re one or the other, one common ground for all of us is that “investment is all about having FAITH”. Yes, I said it right – FAITH makes us decide to invest.


Hebrews 11:1 shares that “FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

You see, this verse doesn’t just apply to our faith in God alone. Having faith, includes believing for others – their passion and causes often, which often leads us to believe that helping them achieve these things is a worthwhile cause.

It simply implies that because of God’s faithfulness in our lives, we therefore believe also in the possibility for others to achieve theirs and we help do it.

I am a strong believer on investing my time, effort and resources for the youth and for others. I believe that whatever I splurge out, time I spent traveling from places to places and even,my time to pray and study for any youth activity is an investment for the future.

I may never know what will the outcome of these sacrifices but one thing’s for certain, I have FAITH in them, because I too experienced that kind of faithfulness.

You see, investing in other people’s lives is our business. Unless we believe in them and help them reach their dreams and potential can we only hope for a better future. I for one, is a testimony of God’s faithfulness through the lives that was touched only by faith, the faith to see and believe for something that has not yet come to pass in my life.

There were a lot of people who believed in this skinny kid back then. People actually believed that I can do something and so they helped me raise my funds, paid for my registrations and even prayed and helped me grow as a believer. Some even took time to rebuke me and mentor me.

My brother, whose also passionate about God and youth ministry is a very good example. He started a small bible study in a certain school for an entire school year, meeting every week after class. He talks to them, encourages them and sometimes even give his own money for support (and to think he was out of school youth at that time as well).

One of the high schoolers heard the gospel through his sharing, continued with her walk with the Lord, was discouraged and persecuted by her family but she really hang on to her faith in God. It was just a couple of years ago when she came back home and learned that her family came to know the Lord and even supported her studies in bible school after their reconciliation.

Now, she’s pastoring somewhere in the north of Cebu and is helping her husband in church-planting for our local denomination.

I can probably write down a lot of things about how a lot of people in my life shared their own lives and invested their own lives, resources and time for others because deep down within, they believe their investing for something better.

Let us try to examine our own faith journey and consider the many opportunities we were able to bless others but more importantly, let’s focus on people who have invested their lives and resources for us. They are actually worthy of our “thank you’s” and prayers as well.

Investing might be a big word for many of us, but when we invest in young lives, even the simplest of things can bring BIG impact to the lives of many.

So, have you invested lately?


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