2012: A Year of God’s Faithfulness

This could be a late review for my 2012 but still, it’s a good thing to reflect on God’s faithfulness. 2012 has been a fruitful year for me. It’s probably one of the exciting years I’ve experienced on my personal walk with the Lord.

It’s been 15 years already when I accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. I still remember that very night wherein my siblings and I gathered together in our small living room listening to my auntie sharing the gospel. Since that time, I have always celebrated Christmas as my spiritual birthday, a day to commemorate His faithfulness in the midst of my own adversity.

I would also like to share that it’s already been 10 years from the time I answered the Lord’s call in my life. I may not be a pastor or missionary by profession but I consider myself as a full-time worker, a passionate youth mobilizer by heart and a servant-leader for life.

When I sum up everything that happened to me – including the times that I have been unfaithful unto the Lord, I can only say “Thank You,Lord.” not because I’m back on track but because even when it comes to stubbornness, He is still more stubborn with his love for me. Surely, nothing will ever separate us from his love.

My friend, if you’re reading this post and is having difficulties in your walk with the Lord, it’s normal. But one thing that I really wanted to say to you is that – even in the times of hardship and silliness in your walk with the Lord, He will remain faithful and since he cannot deny his own character, he will always find a way to snatch you back from the enemies’ snare and correct you.

But even in his faithfulness, it’s our own selfishness and sin that stops us from experiencing his love for us. Our own selfish nature fills us with pride and lust for the many things the world can offer. It will always be our own choice, the same way when we accepted him as Lord and Savior, that we will truly experience the freedom and mercy that we receive when we believe.

My prayer is that you’ll just open up your heart to him and turn away from whatever you’re doing wrong and correct your ways.

Let me end this blog post with one of my favorite songs that speaks of God’s faithfulness to a prodigal son. It speaks entirely to my life and my prayer is that you will also be blessed by it!


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