Personal Insights from the FYMM Summit

The FYMM Summit is probably the first of a series of consultation the movement will be doing. The group has evolved from mission leaders to young people and workers in the field. I personally believe that the movement started it right and hopefully, the core will function well to support its growth.

The two-day leaders’ summit is hard to summarize mainly because of a lot of integration, discussions and insights coming from the group. But it doesn’t have the feel of information overload that stings a leaders’ summit per se.

Here are a few things I’ve learned through the summit:

  1. Sustainability (not just in finances) is important for the movement to go forward
  2. The movement was and will continue to be a mobilizing arm of PMA and not a local church, neither it is a front liner in the mission field or even a mission-sending entity
  3. The movement has to focus on training, intentional discipleship and mobilization
  4. Partnership requires a two-way communication – build the movement’s database for future use and bring information to the supporters through media
  5. Mobilization will always starts on our knees – and the movement has to establish its network of prayer warriors
  6. Regionalization will play a BIG ROLE as the movement progresses
  7. Strategizing will bring clarity of purpose and align the numbers for the 3 year mandate

FYMM is a big move and will be built by small yet effective mobilization strategies. In order for the team to thrive, we need to recognize who and what can we do ONE STEP AT A TIME.

On certain discussions, we were able to identify a couple of things that the previous movement has to offer namely:

  1. The strength of the movement came from its volunteers and wise-budgeting. It had a wide array of networks both from the diff. denominations and local organizations
  2. Commitment from the volunteers differs from each core group. The core leaders came from different ministries, who were actively involved in their own endeavors in their own movements. Availability and skills-sets was another point to consider.
  3. FYMM has a lot of opportunities –
    1. The growth of the Philippine economy
    2. The openness of the local churches for world missions
    3. The advancement of communications and technology
    4. Availability of training, materials and tools for mobilization
    5. The “tent-making” paradigm shift of missionaries
    6. I can’t remember any threats. Hahaha!

What’s NEXT?

Integrate all the learning from the summit to GenProject – Philippines

Come up with an initial branding and strategy plan for training in mobilizations

Marketing and promotional strategy for the conference in Cebu

Pray and consider what I can personally do in taking FYMM to its next level

Coordinate with Jonathan Manalo for a possible come-back in NYMM

Looking back at what happened in the summit wherein I was actively involved with the discussions, I finally realized that as a mobilizer, God probably made it a point that I start with GenProject and at the same time help-out FYMM back on its feet.

I am also considering taking the Kairos course and start considering becoming a trainer and mobilizer full-time.

Lastly, it potentially impacts my personal budget.


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