Empowered for A Higher Purpose (Introduction)

The bible shares a lot of stories on how God is able to use simple and available men and women who stands in the midst of circumstances and created change that brought impact to their world. Great examples like Joseph, Moses, Daniel, David, Esther, Ruth, Josiah have been given to bring insight and inspire us to do more.

But what drove them to do what has to be done?

What ignited them to stand even in the midst of chaos and tribulation brought honor and glory to God’s name?

How do we, as a person, as a believer stand up and bring glory to God’s cause?

Today, I would like to share to you a few insights of what I learned through the years as a believer, as a leader and as a minister. I honestly believe that God has called me to minister and it’s for this purpose that I stand before you now and prayerfully, challenge and hopefully empower you for service.

Let me lead you to one of the epistles believed to be one of the last messages of Peter to the church. Let’s open our bible to 1 Peter 2:1-10 and read through what his message was to the churches (please take note of the plural form) in the provinces of the Roman Empire, where Turkey is now located.

Brief Background:

It was written by the Apostle Peter to the churches scattered across the Roman Empire. It is also believed that the letter was written around 64-67 AD when the believers are scattered after the persecution broke out in Jerusalem.

Peter’s audience also included new converts which were the fruits of Paul’s first journey to these provinces. Let’s also take note that the audience doesn’t just speak to a certain church but a couple of churches or house churches in the province.

The letter was written to bring encouragement and hope to the believers who were experiencing a lot of persecution because of Christ. It also gives clear direction on how the churches were doing and the false teaching that was spreading among them.

Chapter 1 started by greeting the believers in the province. He encouraged them to continue with their walk with the Lord and the hope they have received through what Christ had done. He also challenged them to show love and build up their relationship with one another as Christ has shown when he was here on earth.

Our focus for today is on the 1st part of the 2nd chapter of Peter. I believe that his message to the believers in his time is still timely and important for today. And if we want to become great in God’s kingdom, we must go back to the basic.

Point 1: God has called us for a new life

Point 2: God gave this life for a purpose

Point 3: God has empowered us for greatness



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