The Bean Connection – Dumaguete City

I still had the time to stroll around downtown area while waiting for my trip back to Bacolod City last Monday. There were a lot of changes in the area after two years. One noticeable change would be the closure of Sta. Teresa restaurant and Mart One a couple of months ago.

The Downtown Area At Day
The Downtown Area At Day

I was trying to find a place to eat breakfast aside from the typical fast food chains and noticed The Bean Connection, which is located beside Chow King and the formerly area of Cang’s Inc. The coffee shop is actually owned by Scoobys, a known chain of restaurants in the city which happens to be a sister- restaurant of the ever famous Sans Rival. The location is still part of the Scoobys area which was converted into a coffee shop.

The Bean Connection
The Bean Connection
The Outside Area
The Outside Area

The coffee shop recently opened last June 2012 offering a variety of delicacies which includes cupcakes and an unlimited offer of brewed coffee for as low as P 60.00.

Feast With Their Pastries
Feast With Their Pastries

There were just a few handful of people inside when I came in since it was just 9:00 in the morning. While going through the menu, the crew offered their breakfast “Aros Spicy Tuna” which only costs P 50.00.

Try One Now!

Aside from the breakfast and coffee, the cafe also offers free wifi and a variety of meals from Scoobys which is just located  within the area as well. The place is big and staying there will be as comfortable as staying at home due to it’s ambiance and location. Here are additional shots from my cellphone when I was there –

The coffee shop is also filled with artistic touch that can be seen on the wall through the paintings of local artists and fellow coffee enthusiasts who’ve tried their luck with art expressing how they feel connected with the “bean” of the shop. Here are some of their personal expressions below:

Overall Experience

The coffee shop has the good location at the center of the busiest streets of Dumaguete City. The coffee is good, the food is great and the ambiance is better than the local shops I’ve been to before.

To be honest, I’ll be back for more brewed coffee and try their cupcakes this time. How about you, what’s your take on “The Bean Connection” lately?


5 thoughts on “The Bean Connection – Dumaguete City

  1. I tried having coffee there for the first time kanina. The place is cozy, definitely a great place to hang out with friends. By the way. St. Teresa did not close down, they just moved to a location nearer Silliman, on the same block as Aldea’s 🙂

      1. I’m really not sure why, but I think the owners of the lot wanted to use that block, so Sta. Theresa and the other establishments had to move out pronto. It’s good that they found a new location given such short notice. At least now, they’ll be closer to Silliman, more accessible to students 🙂

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