If You Die Today, Where Will You Go?

We were riding in our Uncle Bebe’s pick-up truck, going back to the house from Pamplona Golf course for a late afternoon joyride before dinnertime. There were more than 12 of us squeezed in to that small pick-up, noisy with all the sharing and laughter every time our family gets together. It was December and all our relatives, including my mother’s siblings went home for the long Christmas break.

It was a fun-filled afternoon when suddenly, Auntie Conie, the wife of Tito Paul asked me something which I couldn’t even answer immediately. It sounded tricky and answering it might possibly be a trap for a kid like me.

Remembering the conversation back then, it went something like this:

Auntie Conie, “If you die today,where will you go?”

Auntie Conie: You only have 5 minutes to answer the question…

Me: Uhm, heaven?

Auntie: Why heaven?

Me: Because I’m good? I go to Sunday schools and church almost every week.

Auntie: But are you sure you’ll go to heaven because you are good?

Me: No? Yes? Basta heaven ako.

To be honest, I couldn’t answer the question directly. It was not just a tricky question, it was hard to answer for a 13 year old boy who did many things displeasing to my parents, and eventually to God. Of course, I answered “heaven” but deep inside, my heart was fearful and I was uncertain on to what basis will I live in heaven if I die that very moment.

It was 1997 when that question was asked and 4 hours later, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior through my Auntie Phoebe’s simple sharing of the gospel. I was with my siblings, sitting in the living room listening to my auntie while everyone, including my parents, were intently focused on what we were doing.

It was the greatest gift I received that Christmas and looking back to what happened in that fateful night, I still believe in my heart that it was the most important decision I have ever made in my 28 years of existence.

If asked with the same question again, my answer will still be the same. Only this time, I know why I’m going to heaven and what awaits me when I die.

How about you, do you know where you’re going if you die 5 minutes from now?

If not, I have good news my friend, and that good news is that Jesus Christ, who lived 2,000 years ago has died for you and your sin. Sin, which is described as active rebellion against God, has been paid full by Christ through the penalty of death by crucifixion.

If you want to know more on how you can go to heaven and live a life pleasing to the Lord, the video below shares a simple message about how you too, can have eternal life and start a brand new life through the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I sure hope that you finished the video and decided to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. If you want to know more on how to grow in your spiritual life, you may contact me by sending a simple email at virsilva613[at]gmail.com.

Today is not too late for you to experience what truly is God’s plan for your life! Thank you for reading and God bless!


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