The “Single Blessedness” Dilemma

For a guy in his late twenty’s, writing a post about singleness is probably a bad thing to do. For one, a lot of us believes that a guy at this age is primarily a good stage to become serious about life and get into a romantic relationship.

For the older ones, it will strengthen his masculinity and take out questions of his sexuality at one point in his life.

But on a deeper scale, and in a christian perspective, when is the right time to be serious about it? How do we cope with pressure of being “in” for such a time as this?

I believe that there is a right time for everything. God has made someone for me, and I’m waiting. You probably think that waiting is no longer an option, but just ask this question to yourself and you’ll find out why you need to wait -> “Are you ready for marriage?”

If you answered “yes”, then good for you.

If you answered “no”, “maybe”, or “soon enough” then I guess God is not through with you yet. He is not yet finish in making you the BEST MAN for His girl. Unless doubts are gone and you are ready in every aspect of becoming a married man, especially in the entire emotional and financial aspect of it, then I guess YOU better wait and see instead of fall to temptation and sin and drag her along the way.

Of course, I’m no expert on these topics and to be candid about it, is single since birth. I’ve been a part of quite a rare populace wherein singleness seems to be a better idea rather than being in a relationship. Single or not, what I said makes sense for me, and I hope to you too!

Disclaimer, I’m not saying I’m not into the “relationship” idea and I strongly believes that we as God’s creation is wired for it. In the end, who knows what might happen to my next post about this issue again.


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